Movie Quotes from Ali G Indahouse: Quotes from the movie Ali G Indahouse

1)ali do you want a job in mp 2)no cuz there full of priks 3)am i a prick because i am in the mp 4) yes

1)He is gonna build Heathrow terminal 4 over Staines 2) Don’t matter its a bloody shithall anyway

1. I’ve got two words for you: keep it real. 2. That’s THREE words.

A to the L to the I to the G, Ali G that’s me that’s me

ali g: wont we get electroconicuted
jezzy: nah, we’ll blow the battery, but we wont get fried coz we are all wearing rubber soles on our trainers, trust me man, i got a D in physics

b82rez….batterys, 2g4…..together. tut. I was trying to save time

BELONG, that is a very sexist way to talk about these bitches

Bitch on the pension suck my dog

Bush: All in favor of sending Iran down to the gas station to get some potato chips and chocolate, raise your hands…

Can I see the muff please?

Chickan dippaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i would like you to lay a brick…. wah? righ’ her’?

I’s gonna teach you a lesson by bonin’ you.

im an i a prick? yes?

Kids: homo homo Ali: oi we’ll av none of that bad language here the word is batty boy Kids: Batty boy Batty boy

mrs shea.pard is smelly

R-E-S-T-E-C-P! restecp? Yeh, how are any of you gonna learn to restecp each other

relax..ya batty

sorry i iz late, but there was a documentary about monkeys

That’s no prosie… that’s me hoe

Three times a lady.

TV Anchor: It is no doubt that Britain depends heavily upon the United States. So, what do you think of Bush?

Ali G: Me love Bush…me love anyting dat lend foliage to da poonanie area.


you are so bad

you btter ell that slag that in the ghetto washin non colour fast synthetics at 60 degrees could cost yu ure life

You made me use me last tissue. Me ain’t go anova one now.

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