Movie Quotes from Airborne: Quotes from the movie Airborne

#1- Yeah bra #2- Did…he just call you a piece of underwear??

** Looks at buldining upside down** That looks cool! popeye, there was a great man, do you know why? 2. never joined the hair club for men?

Are you crazy? That was Snake, man. You know, voted most likely to eat his own young.

are you pickin up what I’m puttin down?

At least they didn’t put itching powder in your jock strap! I hope girls don’t think I had a chubby all day!

Chocolate stain Blane

Chop the stain Blaine!

Did he just call you a peice of underwear?

Did he just call you a piece of underwear?

Full-on mooner

Guess what Moon-Doggie, cute little earring, I’m gonna do everybody here a favor and kick your pretty little butt right now because you don’t go messing around with other people’s property.

He’s pretty tall for his height, dontcha think?

Hey guys, what do you say we all sit down and discuss this over a basket of fries?

Hey whats happening bra. Niki whats shaking

Hey Wiley, wake up man. I just had this killer dream. I was riding this humongous wave, it wasn’t some gigital, far-blown wave, it was the big mugomba, you-ain’t-gettin’-another-chance wave. I was riding it and this huge shark swims up to me, made Jaws look like a guppy, and he stopped. The he spoke to me in spanish. I spoke spanish in my dream and I understood it. He said ‘La ola es mio’, the wave is mine…the wave is mine.

i think pretty boy maharishi over here has been mixing a little bit of drano with his FRUIT PUNCH!! does anyone buy this LA laid back HORSE POOH!! i mean this guy’s piddlin’. big fruity two shoes.

I think that maharishi over here has been mixing a little drano, with his fruit punch!

I think that maharishi over here has been mixing a little drano, with his… fruit punch!

I’m being stalked by trained psychopaths!

It’s my American Express card, without it, I’m naked.

La hola es mia… the wave is mine… i spoke spanish in my dream.

Mitch: I’m outta here in three months bra, three months, and I could give two left testicles about you, your school, or anybody else around here.

Mitchel Goosen at your service, I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, don’t care, just as long as I live by the beach and don’t have to wear a tie, then I’ll be stylin.

My dad drives a zamboni

My dad drives a zamboni…he gave me a puck.

my name is snake. i don’t like speech…never even signed up for it. and i don’t got no hobbies unless collecting knives and putting tattoos across the foreheads of guys i don’t like hobbies. and i have a 1.1 gpa.

Popeye was a great man, he said I am what I am

Stylin-Perfect session A- frame perfect wave busting out 360 backbone something i like to call a Liquid-drano wannabe bullwinkle other than that give me a couple bean burritos and maybe some otter pops and I’ll be a happy camper

The Stove is way too hot, burn your fingers, burn your hands. o hell it will destroy this whole town before you can even say the word AIRBORNE.

The Wave is mine.

This isn’t over yet, JACK!!!

Whats happing bra. Niki whats shaking?

Would you boys like some grape Kool-Aid?

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