Movie Quotes from 8 Seconds: Quotes from the movie 8 Seconds

1)Hows Your Dog Nelson.
2)Shut up!
1)I wish I had an uncle like that. to feed me, put me up for the night, and then plant one of them Greasy Hickeys on my neck

1. is he hung up.
2. no, hes riding for lane now. my dick still there.
2.its hangin’ by a thread., you dont wanna see it. cant ride no bull with no diaper rash, cody how you put up with him peeing in the bed like that.
2.well you get used to it.
1. i dont wanna get used to it.

Aw Now Darlin’ That does sound tempting but it just wont come off.

Cody- Oh Kelly
Tuff- Oh Lane

cody: i gota my lane frost underwear tuff: i got my lane frost lunch box cody: aint they comin out with some boots with your name on em too tuff: yeah they’re calling em pussin boots

cowboy up

Cowboy up!

cowboys dont give up

Do you really love me? Cause if you do, you better prove it to me. Cause right now I’m covered in cow shit.

He’s got one of them skinny butts.

i got to words for you lane; cowboy up

I know I told him I was proud of him, but I can’t ever recall one time when I told him…when I told him that I love him.

it’s guts and love and glory , one mortal’s chance at fame
his legacy is rodeo and cowboy is his name.

It’s guts and love and glory,
one mortal’s chance at fame.
His legacy is rodeo,
cowboy is his name*

it’s guts and love and glory, one mortal’s chance at fame. his legacy is rodeo, cowboy is his name.

It’s guts and love and glory, one mortal’s chance at fame. His legacy is rodeo, cowboy is his name.

Just pretend your riding a bull…get on, ride it, & try not to get bucked off.

lane frost: you dont gotta sit around and babysit me
tuff pedermen: naw, i thought id stick around and see how far them balls sweell up

Lane: Lord I love this.

Lane: Hows your Whatachickin

Cody: Hey Lane, Tuff thinks hes John Wayne Tuff: Your damn right

Lane: I’ve been with other girls, Kell…

lane: is muh dick still there
cody: barely hangin on by a thread

Lane:Heck theme bulls aint got nuttin against ya they just wanna buck you off and get one with there buisness…people hurt you alot sooner

not all cowboys ride off into the sunset. Some just hope to stay on for 8 seconds.

Now everybody from the 313 put ur mother **censored** hands up an follow me

Them bulls don’t really wanna hurt ya, they just wanna buck ya off and get on with their business.

There’s a 100 years of history and a 100 ‘fore that all gathered in the thinking goin’ on beneath hes hat.
The cold flame burns within until his skin’s as cold as ice and the dues he paid tonight to get here are worth every sacrfice.
All the miles spent sleepy driving, all the moeny spend down the drain, all the female tears left dryin’, all the fever and the fight, are just a small payment on the ride he makes tonight.

There’s a hundred years of history
And a hundred before that,
All gathered in the thinking
Going on beneath his hat.

The cold flame burns within him
Till his skin is cold as ice.
The dues he paid to get here
Are worth every sacrifice.

All the miles spent sleepy driving.
All the money down the drain.
All the if I’s, and the nearly’s.
All the bandages of the pain.
All the female tears left dry.
And all the fever and the fight.
Are just a small down payment,
On the ride he makes tonight.

It’s guts and love and glory,
One mortals chance at fame.
His legacy is rodeo,
And Cowboy is his name.

They act like he hung the moon

Tuff: There are girls ALL OVER the rodeo circuit aren’t there?
Cody: Yep
Tuff: Then why in the hell do we have to detour 500 miles for this one?
Cody: Well love has no boundries.
Tuff: A puss in love……It’s pitiful.

tuff: just before you croak one last thoughts gonna kep goin through that pretty little head over and over i’m a puss, i was the best goddamn bullrider in the circuit and i chickned out lane: hell, the best all you ever tell’s me how i aint no good tuff: well if you believ everything you hear goddamnit youre dumber n’ i thought lane quit that be fine with me, i wouldn’t have to, wake up every goddamn moring to your pretty boy face, me and cody’d get down the road alot sooner too if we didn’t stand around waitin for you to sign an autograph for every snotnosed kid at every goddamn rodeo, i’ve got two words to say to you lane: yeah i know… tuff: no, that aint it lane; well then what is it? tuff: cowboy up!!!

tuff: Lane lets go butt hole

Tuff: Welp, it’s hard, full of juice and barely fits in my jeans!
Lane: Geez Tuff.
Tuff: It’s my flask, Lane.

tuff: where is that stupid idiot pencil neck son of a bitch

Tuff:Its hard full of juice and it barely fits in my jeans
Lane: Oh Geez Tuff!
Tuff: Its my flask, Lane!

tuff:one last thoughts goin go through that pretty little head og yours i’m a puss i was the best goddamn bullrider in the ciruict and i chickened out lane: the best all you ever tells me is how i aint no good tuff; well if you belive everything you hear goddamnit youre dumber n’ i thought lane quit that be fine with me i wouldnt have to wake up every moring to your pretty boy face me and cody’d get down the road alot faster to if we didnt have to stand around waiten for you to sign an autograph for every snot nosed kid at every goddamn rodeo lane: alright tuff i got two words for you lane: yeah i kno… tuff: that aint it lane: well then what is it tuff: cowboy up!!!

waitin’ on lane!

We Been waitin on lane eversince we recall we started in april and its comin on fall,we have us a bite we have us a chew we got us some shut eye we have us a brew, but somebodys wantin a picture somebodys wantin a loan,he’s kissin the babys or he’s on the damn phone but we’ll keep on waitin though we ain’t pleased cause the worlds champion bullriders got the van keys!

Well, it’s alittle rough. You know.

You can’t buy his love Lane, We live in a trailor

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  1. LANE: Well i guess i’d better go.
    KELLIE: Ya’ll wanna stay for supper? We got plently…?
    LANE: Nah we better get going.
    KELLIE: Thanks for stopping by.
    LANE: Some real pretty land you got here Kell!
    KELLIE: Thanks
    LANE: It’d be about perfect for the wedding!
    KELLIE: What wedding?
    LANE: Your’s and mine…
    KELLIE: Well i’ll try to keep the day open.
    (lane and kellie kiss)
    CODY: Oh, Kellie!
    TUFF: Oh, Lane!

    Lane exits and Tuff, Cody and Lane drive to Nebraska.

  2. hey guys – i’m lanes cousin. i was there the day he died. i was only 18 and i was horrified when i saw that bull coming out of the chute. i always hated seeing lane ride just incase something happened to him. he was a great man and i am very proud of kell for takin it the way she did. lane and i were very close and even to this da, i still cry tears for him. i am in australia right now, promoting a book i wrote about lane. thankyou for putting in all the quotes from the movie…

    Love always on behalf of lane,

    lauren frost.. xoxox

  3. We think that Lane frost was a great bull rider.
    hey – he even has a cousin with the same name as me!!

    love u 4ever!!!


    luv loz n pettit!

  4. i don’t know lane and i never met him but i know that he was a good man and he loved what he the end of the movie in the poem that Cody says it has the line;it’s guts and love and glory one mortal’s chance at fame his lagacy is rodeo and cow is his name.thoes few lines have alot to say because if you wamt to rodeo like lane and become a pro than you need GUTS AND LOVE AND GLORY.

  5. I love the movie 8 seconds and i hate the fact that Lane died the way he did all i gotta say is “Rest in peace Lane Frost”

  6. You know me and my brother met Lane. I was 6 and he was 10 all I remeber was that lane told us to never give up our dream. He died 3 days after. My brother died 14 years after that. same day. And all I know is that if we didnt meet brother would still be alive today.

  7. I am a 18 year old cowboy and I just started riding bulls i already won a buckle i my first ride so I guess it just comes naturally.I am hoping I will be as good as Lane one day.I wish that he was here to help me.But thats ok he is still watching over me and making sure I am ok.Rest in pease old friend.

  8. Me and my boyfriend have been together going on 4 years, I knew when I met him that bulls came first and always would. I have been to every rodeo, and all I can say is you have to be tough to be a girlfriend to a bullrider. Before every ride he gives his momma,sister, and me a kiss. It’s hard to see him ride, I am scared that the bull might step on him when he gets bucked. Every chance we get though we watch 8 Seconds and he says if only I could ride like Lane did, I would be amazing. Lane was a great bullrider and just a person in general, what I would give to meet Lane Frost. Rest in Peace Lane, you’re the reason my boyfriend rides and you’re the reason I pray everytime he gets on a bull.

  9. Lane Frost is my hero i first herd of him when i was five years old and from that day on i have been riding bulls and trying my hardest to be just like Lane. I am now 17 years old and have won a few buckles and have also been hurt a few times but my biggest dream ever would be to be like Lane Forst. I have my 8 seconds movie wore out because i watch it every chance i get. rest in piece my friend god bless you

  10. I am 16 years old and so is my friend Erika Story and we both have seen the movie Seconds and we loved it we both loved it and we both wish that we could have been able to meet Lane Frost,Tuff Hedaman,and Cody.We also wish that we could’ve been able to watch them ride.Because of them three TRUE COWBOYS.All I have left to say is REST IN PEACE LANE AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE PROFESSIONAL CHAMPION BULLRIDER.

  11. heatherrenee. don’t blame Lane Frost for your loss. He gave you the inspiration to do what you loved. Accidents happen, don’t take it out on someone who was one of the best bullriders of all time and who unfortunately cant be here to defend himself.

  12. i remember watching this movie over and over and never getting tired of watching it because he was my hero and i wanted to be the best like him i used to ride the arm of the couch to pretened i was on a bull…. rest in peice lane we love you..

  13. i did the same thing as josh carter my dads friend gave him a calf rope and my dad some how got it around the couch arm im only 13 now but lane wasnt in my time but he still is my hero forever and always i ride bulls myself im in the senior steers i got the chance to meet clyde and elsie frost at the colt munden invational and tuff hedeman. i hang out and ride with tuff alll the time but lane tuff and cody are the men that got me started R.I.P my Hero Lane Frost

  14. I’m a bronc rider so I don’t reckon I know much about ridin bulls, but I gotta say that 8 seconds is the best damn movie I have ever seen. I’m not ashamed to say I cried at the end. One of my good buddies growin up was killed in the arena and I saw it. I just want to say, if any one Lane’s family is Readin this, I greatly admire Lane Frost. He’s probably my biggest hero.

  15. i absolutely love this movie, and bull ridding in general. this site is great but there on thin i see wrong. one of the quotes from the move is incorrect on here. the part when Lane tells Kelly to prove to him that she loves him. is incorrect. “Do you really love me? Cause if you do, you better prove it to me. Cause right now I’m covered in cow shit.”
    He says “Do you really love me?,cause if you do,your gonna have to prove it to me. Because right now I’m covered in horse shit.” I just finished watching this movie like 10 minutes ago and wanted to find some quotes from the movie.
    Thanks for sharing them and this site. :D

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