Movie Quotes from 51st State, The: Quotes from the movie 51st State, The

(Looking At Dead Chemist’s Body)
1) Well You Said To Take Care Of Him
2) Ach I Meant Take Care Of Him Not Take Care Of Him

–I want McElroy kept alive.
–I don’t do alive. I do dead.

1) If i wanted quisine I’d gave gone to paris.

2) You still can mate, France isnt too far away, it’s full of pricks and they hate fucking yanks too now do you fancy a bite or what?

3) Yeah alright.

A: Shit happens!
B: NO! Shit does NOT just happen! shit takes time, shit takes patience

A: well, shit happens
B: no, shit does NOT just happen, shit takes time, shit takes effort!

Chicken Bollocks!

DE SOUZA: Agh! I’ve been shot!
McELROY: Where?
DE SOUZA: In the fucking arse!!!

I always knew i’d grow up to be a drug dealer

It’s a national dish mate!
More like a national disaster.

Skirtwearing monkeyboy!

The Sixties are over…Man!

Twenty million in bonds. Untraceable.

You Aint Seen Nothin Yet

You’ve really excelled yourself this time Arthur!

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