Movie Quotes from 50 First Dates: Quotes from the movie 50 First Dates

L: Do we have sex? H: No, we don’t. Just so everybody knows that. We want to. Just kidding.

(hawaiin guy speaks in hawaiin and then says) which in english mean. look at those 2 shitheads! ~by hollyanne

-Daddy, what’s a nympho?
-The state bird of Ohio.

1. Hey, Mr. Peanut Butter Cups! 2. Hey, Mr. Could Kill Me In One Punch!

1. Hey, you want a cracked head, tough guy? 2. Why, are you gonna give it to him? 1. No, Daddy, I thought you wath gonna do it.

1. So you are Lucy’s friend? 2. I think hes more then a friend. hes my boyfriend. 1. So everyday you get her to fall in love with you again? 3. Yea

1. You make my sister clean your hotel room! 2. Okay, what does that have to do with this?

1: Wouldn’t you like to spend an hour with that every day? 2: No way, thee things like thit.character #2 has a lisp

1:Ow, You crazy bitch!! 2: Yeah, KEEP RUNNING!!!!!

aquariaums make me………supahhh horney

aren’t you a little old to be having wet dreams?

Being with you is the only way I can have a full and happy life.

Can I have one last first kiss?

can one of you kids go down and find my nuts

Damn you Haole! You make my sister work in your hotels!

Doc:And now, l would like to introduce to you our most distinguished
clinical subject…Tom. -Hi. l’m Tom. —Henry.—Marlin.—Doug.—Lucy. Tom: Hi. Cool flip-flops. Where’d you get them? —You like those? It’s interesting. l was on the North Shore— Tom: Hi, l’m Tom. —Henry. -Hi. —-Marlin. Doc:Tom lost part of his brain…in a hunting accident. His memory lasts 10 seconds. Tom: l was in an accident? That’s terrible. Doc: Don’t worry. You’ll get over it in seconds. Tom: Get over it? l mean, what happened? Did l get shot in the brain–? Hi, l’m Tom. —Hi, l’m Lucy.-Hi. —Doug. -Hey.– Marlin.

don’t leave just because my son ith thcotic.

Douglas: Listen, doctor, this… friend of mine’s been experimenting
a little with steroids. He’s been having a lot
of wet dreams. Could there be a connection
between them? Doctor: Douglas, get off the juice.

Dude he forgot his name, i feel bad for him….just go on up!

Give her the Waikikiki sneaky between the cheeky.

Henry Roth: See I’m not so sure about that whole POOFING part. Because I’m not a very good POOFER. Can you demonstrate a good POOF for me? (laughing) Ula: Quit busting my coconuts for 5 seconds…

Henry: Oh that didn’t work now did it? Shit your pants? So did I

Henry:get back to cleaning the tank and if those are one of your special brownies DONT LET ANY OF THE DOLPHINS EAT ANY.

Ula:how do you think i get the dolphins to do a double back flip and play with the white kids

hey peanut butter cups, hey tatoo face.

Hey, do you have a cat? Cause I feel something licking my leg.

hi im tom

How nice of that man to give me a cd to remind me of all the memorable moments I had with his daughter….


I like eating the taco rather than the sausage.

I may not be able to kick your assth, but my thister thure can.

I much prefer sausage to taco.

I prefer sausage to taco.

is that even a man?
Ahh i dunno, but ur too drunk to notice remeber?

it’th not juith, it’th a protein thake

ith not a juice. its a protein thake.

Lucy: I have a boyfriend Henry: oh making up a boyfriend to get rid of my huh? Lucy: no really I have one he’s around here somewhere Henry: oh really whats his name? Lucy: Ringo Henry: and is his last name Star? Lucy: no, McCartney!

Mary-Kate and Ashley…get a life!

Moron!!!!!!! What!!! Marlon take off his sandal and angrily throws it at Doug.

my fingers are available for your sniffing pleasure anytime you like

my hands are smelling extra fishy today, ive been patting my walrus all day

no dont do that,lucy my nipples are to sensitive for that(wakes up)
~whos lucy? ~and whats up with yr nipples?

No flippies off the dock!

Oh, Fish!, right on

sharks are like dogs, they only bite you if you touch their private parts

Sharks, they only bite when you touch there private parts

sorry my thon is thycotic

Tattoo Face:Hey you like the peanut butta cups? Henry: Yeah. Tattoo Face:You want me to sprinkle the peanut butta cups ova your spam and eggs! Henry: Ah no thanks.

Tell me son, has your head always been shaped like an egg?

That I am a ballet dancer, just in my bathroom.

That’s what she gets for eating my roast beef sandwich!

There’s nothing like a first kiss…

This is my good eye

U: Aquariums make me super horny. HR: That’s not funny.
Don’t rub those.

Ula:Hey cuz you think you can stitch me up when we get back from surfing? Henry: yea im lookin forward to it. Ula’s Cousin: Hey bro i wouldn’t go surfing with an open wound like that you might attract a shark. Ula: why would that be bad sharks are naturally peacful Cousin: How’d you get that anyway? Ula: A shark bit me

What are you doing?
Nothing, I was just getting some lint off for you…
You were going for a feelski!
Alright, I’m sorry… But this is like the 23rd time we’ve made out already and… they’re getting blue!

What’s wrong with your nipples?

Wykeekee sneaky between the cheeky

yo,cool dude

You know Walruses have the second largest penises of all Species …. I have the First

You’re the woman of my dreams, and apparently I’m the man of yours.

~hey! you want me to bust yr head open?
~why are you gonna give it to him?
~no daddy i thought you was gonna do it

~i will go into yr office now and strip naked. next move is up to you.
~i dont know if you realize this but im not into guys

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