Movie Quotes from 40 Days and 40 Nights: Quotes from the movie 40 Days and 40 Nights

*fake moaning* What the fuck was that?

1)today at the coffee house they were officaily sponsoring hot women wereing no bras 2)hot women? 1)i mean hot hot women

A flower!? Was it a vibrating flower?

A: Hey Bagel Guy B: You know my name

And my last boyfriend actually thought he was…a bus.

Do you know how many hours it took me to find my Temple of Poon tape? 1! That’s a long time to look for porno! What the fuck is going on here?

Dude you are action packed with issues!

Erica: If I told you, Don’t think about the color red, what would you think about?
Matt: Sex.


I don’t think Mr. Butterworth would appreciate that.

I have a layout problem. Do you think you could help me?

i know i screwed up with you, over and over and over. i was trying to take a part of me and make it go away. and i put myself in a little box and i closed my world off. for a while everything seemed clear, but then you came along and that didn’t help anything. remember when you said that you can never tell about someone until you kiss him? – yeah. – well, i screwed up, i should have just done this

I look like Jesus on the cross!

I think we should stay up at talk, we can talk about anything. How about stickers? I like stickers, do you like stickers?

I’m a cybernanny.

is this him?
-for you bri!

It was nice almost talking to you.

It’s very easy to confuse a physical attraction with a real connection. You can tell by the kiss. You know, the other stuff – the sex, is he hot – doesn’t matter. All that matters is the kiss.

Matt: Have you ever noticed a crack in my ceiling?
Ryan: Dude, you’re action packed with issues!

Matt: Wait, wait! Don’t go to sleep yet. We got to talk about something.
Matt: Stickers! Do you like stickers

Matt: You stupid, stupid…silly little person!

Nicole: Hey, Bagel Guy!
The Bagel Guy: You know my name?

Ryan: 1 – you can’t do it. You can’t. This isn’t a personal attack towards you, I’m just saying that no man can do it, it goes against nature? The male was biologically designed to spread his seed, Matt. You’re gonna piss off the seeds man!? It goes against science! You wanna be the guy who goes against science?

She’s filled with heavenly sweetness

this was the most fun i’ve had on a bus

We can talk about stickers! Do you like stickers?

We’re totally connecting

You stupid, stupid silly little person!!

[on why Matt has to tell Erica about his vow]
Ryan: Dude, you’ve got to tell her. Seriously. You can pass off two dates without a kiss as being old fashioned – you go three and you’re a homo.

[Ruben trying to dissuade Matt] I swear off girls once a week, then before you know it, its morning. Its part of the game.

[Ryan finds his porn stash that Matt hid in a basket]
Ryan: Do you know how many hours I spent looking for this. One. That is a long time to be looking for porn, Matt, what the fuck is going on!

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