Movie Quotes from 4 for Texas: Quotes from the movie 4 for Texas

–A professional gambler?
–Not professional enough, apparently.

–Anybody else just wondering?
–Nope. Not me, boss.

A gambler’s not a very good insurance risk.

As far as anyone knows, he’s still alive and ready to talk.

Captain, help me out? I’m dealing with two mental midgets.

Fine Southern hospitality. Invite me down to buy a boat and you try to drown me.

Harvey, what about the riverboat? Have you foreclosed yet?

Hundred thousand dollars? I’m glad I’m fighting for a worthy cause.

It’s the only place in town where the women are young and the bourbon is aged.

Marriage? Marriage is for married people.

Remember what the Good Book says: ‘Cheaters never prosper. Square-shooters always win.’

Remember, it’s a long time dying.

Some say boots are made for walking.

They tell me them boots ain’t built fo rwalking.

They tell me them boots ain’t built for walking.

With these prices, it would be cheaper to drink.

You guys recede.

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