Movie Quotes from 3 Ninjas: Quotes from the movie 3 Ninjas

Mr. Muffin Man, catch ya later!!!

1) What’s my name gonna be? Can I be monster destroyer? Or how about super killer? 2) How about super dork? 1) Shut up spaz!

1)Good ‘za. We should save some for the kids we’re napping. 2)Yeah, they’re probably really nice kids.

1)Stop showing off! 2)I’m not showing off…I’m playin’ basketball.

1.Hello Boys! 2.Hello Grandpa!

1We should run.2We should hide.3We should KICK THEIR BUTTS!

Ah, it is a pleasure to do business with you, Mr. Snyder, so on behalf of the people of my country, I would like to say…YOU’RE UNDER ARREST!

am i a nice guy or what……Your a geek

am i a nice guy or what…’re a geek

Am I a nice guy or what? You’re a geek.

Awesome, dudes! We got those little dudes now dudes!

be friendly tto your enivoriment…ok so are we gonna go make the friendly door open hi door u gonna be my friend and open no


Chocked on a jelly bean.

Colt what is a Ninja?-Grandpa

A Ninja is one who can use everything around him to trick his enemies. He is fast and friendly to the enviroment. – Colt

-i’ll get Rocky’s part and come back and post-

A ninja loves nature because he is fond of nature, a Ninja never fights a battle he cannot win. -Tum-Tum

A Ninja’s Mind,body,spirit and heart are one. A Ninja never fights anyone weaker than theirself..- Grandpa

Colt- I’m Colt because I’m fast, he’s Rocky becuase he’s solid, and he’s Tum Tum cuz…he’ll eat anything. Tum Tum- I won’t eat dog poop!

come over to my house right away, its important

Eww, it stinks in here!!!!! one of the brothers walks in as one of the intruders is on the toilet having a bowel movement.

Fester- Alright. Operation: Kick Butt is about to commence. Synchronize watches. Hammer- What time is it? Fester- I dunno, anyone got a watch??

Fester- Hey dude, what time does school get out? Hammer- I dunno…I never stayed till the end…[laughs]

Fester- [Aiming gun at store clerk] Open up the cash registure. That’s right, dude, us three bone heads are stickin’ you up. Now…open up the cash registure before I have to get nasty…[pager goes off]…uh…excuse me sir, could I please use your telephone?

First we feast then we felany

First we feast, then we felon!

Freeze Snyder! F.B.I.!

Grandpa- Two lessons you have to learn from this battle boys. Lesson 1, never attack unless you’re gonna win. Colt- And lesson 2…? Grandpa- Don’t climb a tree that’s full of thorns…argh!

Grandpa: Colt what is a ninja
Colt: A ninja is one who can use everything around him to trick his enemies. He is fast and he is friendly to his environment.
Rocky: A ninja is honest and good. His mind, body, and spirit are one. He has self control, he has dicipline.
Tum Tum: A ninja loves nature, uh, ’cause he is fond of nature. A ninja never fights a battle if he can not win.

Guy 1: Hey, what time does school get out?

Guy 2: I don’t know. I never stayed till the end!

All three guys: DUDE!!!

guys i have good news and bad news the good news the pizza delivery guys just creamed the babysitter w/ a pizza….awesome!!…the bad news is they’re carrying guns..

I gotta take a major dump!!! big time!!!!!!!! one of the three intruders grabs his stomach and runs to the nearest bathroom to take a long bowel movement after one of the brothers(Colt)spikes the intruder’s soft drink with laxative

I hope you saved some pizza for us!

I love being a bad guy!

I WANT… those kids…

I will rip your heart out!

I’m really gonna…INJUR them!

I’ve gotta take a major dump big time

I’ve gotta take a major dump,big time!!!

I’ve gotta take a major dump,big time!!!!!!! Intruder grabs his stomach in pain and runs for the bathroom after drinking coke with laxative.

I’ve gotta take a major dump,big time!!!!!!!!! one of the three intruders grabs his stomach and heads for the bathroom to have a long bowel movement after drinking Coke one of the 3 brothers spiked with laxative!!!

If I were a little booger…where would I be? Mom and dad’s room!

let’s MERTILIZE ’em!

Light up the eyes!

look at your grandpa now boys. huh, you can’t win, you can’t win. HUH! HUH! HUH! HUHUHUHUHUHUH!!!

me n my brothers.. my brothers and i.. WHATEVER we spent the summer like we always do, at our grandpas cabin.. while some kids are at some stupid camp.. me n my brothers.. my brothers and i WHATEVVER!

Mmmm, this stuff is GOOD!

Mmmmmmmm… This is really GOOOD! (Slams coke down)

Mr. Muffin man, catch ya later.

nine! (basketball scene)

Not the stomach! Not the stamach!

remember what grandpa said be kind to your enivorment….ok are we going to go make the friendly door open hi door u gonna be my friend and open no…

Rocky loves Emily


Rocky)Colt, you’ve got the room at the end of the hall that mom is re-doing. Colt)Check. Rocky)TumTum, you’ve got the kitchen. TumTum)Check. Rocky)Okay, prepare for phase 1.

Rocky: We should run…
Tum Tum: We should hide…
Colt: We should kick their butts!!

Rocky:Hey, what’s the matter with us? Remember what Grandpa taught us? Everything around us can be our friend. Be friendly to your environment.
Colt:Oh sure, Rocky, we gonna go make the friendly door open?


Somebody’s gettin’ a ticket!

Tum Tum will eat anything
i wont eat dog poo

Tum Tum- We almost had you!! Grandpa- Had me?! Ohhh Michael… Tum Tum- What…? Grandpa- If I hadn’t stopped the car, you woulda been called ‘Pancake’ by now!

Tum Tum: I’m hungry.
Colt: Hey! I got an idea…why don’t we EAT our way out of here?

Tum Tum: What is that?
Colt:(holding a bottle of liquid laxative and pouring into Coke cup) Remember when you were sick, and you couldn’t poop for five whole days? This is the stuff that made you have to go…instant dia-rheaa.
Tum Tum: You’re sick.
Colt: Not as sick as they’re gonna be.

We don’t wanna hurt you……we just wanna KIDNAP you!!

We go to their room, and we find their fatal flaw!

were comin’ in… and we’ve got a little surprise for youu ‘door flys open’ hahah ‘door slams shut’

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