Movie Quotes from 2gether: Quotes from the movie 2gether

(1) I don’t tell many people this, but my greatest dream is to own a Seadoo, and Im gonna get one too, because I plan on making a buttload of money with this!
(2)A buttload, how much is a buttload?
(3)1000 dollars. I base that on the fact that one time, I fit 5 dollars up my butt, and well, not to brag or anything, but I figure I could fit way more up there. WAY more! Easy!

(from t.v. show)-I made out with not one, but both of her hands!~QT
I’m a make a wish kid, and I wish to go with them.~QT
(about killing his fish) He was a real pain in the ass.~QT
I was trying to tell you guys that on my book tour I made out with 5 girls in 1 night.~QT
Your face is like an upside down rainbow, your smile brings out the sun, and that’s why you’re my best friend.~mickey 2 QT
I’m on top of dancer mountain and you’re staring straight up my ass!~doug
You know that I cried at Patch Adams, no one knows that!~jerry
Go dipe you baby brother old man!~QT to doug
You can’t tell me what to do. I’m through with taking orders. I am the master of my own destiny.~QT
I’m Mickey and I’m mad at everyone about everything.~QT
2gether what a joke~QT
Drop Dead.~QT
He looks weird! Is he from Europe?~QT
Na man, you know how to party.~ QT
Dude! I look awesome!~QT
You used to beat me up, but you never hurt me until now. ~QT
Shut your ass Doug! ~QT
This sucks bunnies don’t eat any body~QT
You’re screwed dude.~QT
You can’t do this! I’m a Make A Wish kid, and I wish to go with them! ~QT
I was listening to the radio yesterday, and I heard this song from some guy named Eminems. He said that….that I annoyed him…and that he was sent here to destroy me….I don’t know why! But he’s gonna….and I’m scared! (hugs pillow) He’s scary looking! He has white hair, like the….like a DEVIL or something! And I know, I KNOW he’s here somewhere! I know it! I know he’s here…..Doug told me that he’s not here, but I know he is. He has this name, that doesn’t sound evil……Eminems……but he IS evil….I know it!!!…. I’m so scared~chad
You’re right! I like office supplies, but I don’t love them.~QT
That retainer fit me perfectly…like it was made for me.~CHAD
It was made for you.~doug

Dude! I look awesome!

1) Your Word Is..Sysarus 2) Use That In A Sentence Please 1) *Sigh* Hey Man, Check Out That Sysarus

and for some reason she thought i had chiggers so she had to check me all over,all over-Qt

Bitch, you best back off. YO, robin egg’s blue, that’s my favorite

Chad – I know! How bout Matchbox 20!
Jerry – Nah man, there’s already a Matchbox 20.
Chad – Matchbox 30.
Doug – Chad!!
Chad – Well, just this van..and driving. DRIVING!
Doug – (*sarcasm*)Yeah, we should call ourselves Driving!
Chad – Driving 30! Driving 30!

CHad: Matchbox 20! Jerry: There’s already a Matchbox 20. Chad: Matchbox 30!! Bob: Well what is it that we’re about, what does this band represent? Chad: Just this van and driving. Doug: Driving, yea, why don’t we call ourselves DRIVING! Chad: Driving 30, Driving 30!

Erin: If we get on the same elevator in 25 years I’ll pretend I don’t recognize you!! Jerry: I heart you.

Everyone’s talking about QT’s problems. But what about my problems? I was on the ground nearly SUUFOCATING in that fat guy suit. And still trying to contribute to the group by making as many laser noises as humanly possible

Hi I’m your brother Chad

I can’t be perfect every time out….I’m not Ozzy Osbourne!!!!

i don’t always always love him….

i dont want to be no star spangled elvis !!

I think that was wrong of Jerry to joke about the Dark Vador costumes like that. It’s offensive to all the people who’s family’s have been killed by Darth Vador. ALl the people whose human rights he’s been violating for so many years….that’s all.

I want the news, yea, yea not the weather

I’m basing this on the fact that I once fit five dollars up my butt.

If there’s gonna be five of us, why not call us FIVEgether!!??

Im losing my hair, and my vision is shady. last night I dreamt of an overweight lady.

im not sleeping with mickey agian that dude drools~chad
what i dont droll dont make me come over~mickey
i saw it dude.~chad

its not about the money… alittle dance…..or the fame…..i cant hear a damn thing….or the girls…actually i think im much better than all of those other fools……its about respect and integrity~mickey
and integerity~doug
the chicks!!~QT
and your girlfriend~jerry

Jerry could be princess Laya. Doug could be Jaba the Hut. (laughs)

Jerry look what he’s drawing about me man!!!

look at you! mister two percent milk, mister khaki pants, mister touched by an Angel, get outta my face!

Look at you! mister two percent milk, mister khaki pants, mister touched by an angel. . .get outta my face!!!

Man we are gonna get so many chicks! And I’m totally ready for ’em. Check this out. (makes a hand puppet) Oh QT, you are the BEST looking member of toghether…shh, don’t speak. (starts making out with his hand.)

mickey p gots one hoe,and one hoe only,and thats mickey p

NIGEL: What I want you to do for the commercial is to ride the SeaDoo across the water, wind in your face, havin a blast! CHAD: Do these go in water?!?!?

QT: Being stuck in that room was pretty cool but it would have been way better if there were chicks in there with us. And that there werent enough sleeping bags and so she had to sleep in mine, and for some reason she thought I had chiggers and she had to check me all over…ALL OVER!

So I guess now QT is like Michael and the rest of us are like Jermaine and Tito. But I have this theory that Jermaine was way more important to the Jackson Five. I mean who invented the moon walk? Jermaine! Who sang Thriller? JERMAINE! I mean who even married Lisa Marie Presly? It was Jermaine!

There are five basic types in every successful boy band. You’ve got your bad boy your rebel is one, you have your shy bashful type is two, you’ve got your doe-eyed youngster is three, four is your reassuring older brother type,… [and then there] is the heart throb; our teen idol – the one that holds it all together. He’s the one that’s eyes are looking at you from the poster saying, ‘hold me, take care of me.


Why don’t I have abes? Do you want abes? Yes.

Your not suppose to floss braces!

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