Movie Quotes from 2 Fast 2 Furious: Quotes from the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious

dont even think bout takin the convertible

1)hey where did you find those toys, in the bottom of a cereal box?
Tyrese)haha very funny fonzy…ass

1)When are u gonna shift me like that? 2)…When u get the right equipment!

1: How about you bring that body by the shop later and we can work on your front end? 2: You better watch out, I might just do that.

1: Now maybe we can settle down and start a body shop together. 2: how we gonna do that? 1: Your pockets ain’t empty cuz

1: What would be a better engine for my skyline a Gallo 12 or Gallo 24 2: Gallo 24 1: I didn’t know pizza places made engines

1:I thought you weren’t supposed to go more than 100 yards away from your home. 2:Why you think I’m parked so close to the derby?

alright alright alright fire em up we go live in five its time for ignition and straight up automobile pimping

American Muscle!

Brian & Rome:Shut you shut shut up…
Monica: Both you girls shut up

brian: we’ve gotta pull some shit outta our ass, man!

Cha ching!

Damn I know my tags are bad and all

Damn suki, when you gonna pop my clutch?
when you get the right set of tools..

daym girl!

don’t even think about takin the convertible bra, it might loosen ya mousse

Ejecto seato cuz!

Elian & Fidel
Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro, Taco
Me gusta chocha

elian and fidel. que pasa jota? hahaha! hey man, i’ll clean your widshield for ya! hahaha! uno, tres, cuatro, fourtro, taco! everythings copecetic homie! me gusta chocha! kiss my ass puto…

fellas felas i kno my tags are uot of date but damn

Fidel, Elian


hahaha ejecto seato. man i love this button

Hey um, Suki…When you gonna pop my clutch?
When you get the right set of tools.
Yeah, all right.

How ya like dem apples!

i gonna get that orange one

i know my tags are bad but DAMN!!

it’s Barstow baby…. WATCH YO’ BACK!!!

Jimmy: Evo? Where did you get a evo from?

Jodia Puta, Te estoy comiendo el culo

my doctor says i gots a fast metabolism

My pockets ain’t empty

Oh man, we’re doin this shit like dukes of hazard style!

One of the things we knows is.. it’s not how you stand by your car. Its how you race your car. You better learn that

only my home boys call me rome…pig

Paul Walker

Paul: Oh Shit baby!

Paul: Oh, I got something for your ass…

Paul: Puh, Smartass…

Pockets ain’t empty cuz.

Pockets aint empty

Pockets aitn empty

Police man: Hey thats my hamburger
Rome: So ?

Rifath Likes Lyndon!!

Roman: Damn! Where’d ya’ll confiscate these rims from, man?

Roman: Yo y u checkin her out man? Brian: I’m not checkin her out. Roman: Yea u were Brian: No i wuzn’t Roman: Yea u were Brian: OK, I wuzn’t shut up Roman:No u shut up Monica: Both of u girliez shut up!

Roman: You need to go to hell. Bryan:You need to go back to barstow. Roman: I ain’t going back to barstow.

Romie Rome, You aint heard of me?

Sleepin’ with the enemey

Spanish dude in the beginning: HAHAHA *sniff* I can smell u!!!

Stay on your toes, puto

Suki going over the bridge: SMACK THAT ASS!!

suki when you gonna pop my clutch?
when you get the right set of tools


suki:bend over boy


Theres the brian o’conner school of driving for ya!

tyrese: it looks lyk a hoe-assis up in here bro

tyrese:only my home boys call me rome…pig


We did all that for a damn cigar?!

We hongry

who the hell says RIFATH LIKES LYNDON?!?!?!

yea this cars hot…so hot that who ever is trackin you knows when your not wearin your seatbelt.

You Bout To Lose Yo Car Patna! This Is Done, I Got This, You Think Im Worried Bout This Fool?

You need to go to hell.
You need to go back to Barsto
I ain’t going back to Barsto

Your engine ain’t as big as your mouth

[after Roman Pearce smashed the car window]
Brian O’Connor: Now put your blouse back on.
Roman Pearce: Hater.

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