Movie Quotes from 13th Warrior, The: Quotes from the movie 13th Warrior, The

Lo there do I see my father. Lo there do I see my mother, my sisters, and my brothers. Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo they do call me. They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla. Where the brave, may live forever

(1 You could have killed him at anytime… (2 Yes.. (1 Then why the deception? (2 Deception is the point brother. That one has been calculating strength his whole life…now he must calculate things he cannot see…

(1) How do you hunt a bear? (2) Chase it down with dogs and… (1) No, how do you hunt a bear in winter? (2) Go into its cave with spears. (1) Where is a cave? (2) In the earth…

(while getting a wound on his face cleaned ) 1) What is that ? 2) Cow urine . 1) Cow Urine ?! 2) Boiled down . 1) No, Don’t put that filth on me . Water . Clean water . 2) As you wish . Tomorrow :the puss will run . ANd you’ll have a fever .

-How did you learn our language?
-I listened!

1) A man might be thought wealthy if someone were to…draw the story of his deeds.
2) Such a man would be thought wealthy indeed.

1) Give an Arab a sword and he makes a knife . 2) It works 1) When you die , can I give that to me daughter ?

1) Hear that? To make matters worse it’s going to rain! 2) Thunder? Waves make thunder… 3) The Thunder Cliffs!

1) Here !(Throws a sword ) You’ll need this . 2) I cannot lift THIS . 1) Grow stronger !

1) How did you learn our langauge!? 2) I listened!

1) I am not a warrior . 2) But soon , you will be .

1) I cannot taste the firmentation of grape or of wheat. 2) Hahaha. Honey! It’s made from honey.

1) I have only these hands. I am to die a pauper.
2) You will be buried as a king.

1) I thought to find you in the tower.

2) That’s why I’m not in it.

1) My name is Ahmad ibn Fahallad ibn Rasheed. (2) Ibn? (1)You’re not listening… ibn means son of. (2) Ibn.

1) Only an Arab would.. 2)Bring a dog to war ? I heard this the first time .

1) So , you saw the ‘fire worm ‘ ? 2) Clavary . Hundreds . With torches . 1) I’d rather prefer a dragon

1) There’s a woman down here . She was old when my grandmother was a child . SHe’s quite mad . 2) The perfect advisor .

1) They are demons… 2) Their blood is real enough.

1) We’re going to die here… 2) It is… possible.

1) Well, did she finish you off or bring you back to life?

2) A gentleman does not discuss such things.

1) What did he say ? 2) Are you to meet death before you place is taken ?

1) What do I do with this? 2) Put your foot on it… and stand!

1) You dig like a dog . 2)Did you call me a dog ? 1) I said you dig like one . Flinging earth carelesly like an animal . 2) So now I’m , an animal ? 1) You’re not listening 2) I’m deaf ?!? 1) Your a fool little man . 2) That’s because BOY your words are feeble and twisted as an old womans ! 2) This old woman will send you to the next world old man !

1) You notice he’s bigger than you ? 2) Yes . 1) Younger ? 2) Yes….. bet on him if you like ! 1) I may !

1) You! You could have killed him at will! 2) Yes.

1)Go with God. 2)You listening?

1)Only an Arab 2)would bring a dog to war. I heard you say this before. Hee-ya!
3)The dog can jump.

1)Oww! 2) That’s a woman’s sound. 1) Do that again and you’ll make it.

1)You wear that long face for me. 2)I cannot help it.

1: I cannot lift this. 2: Grow stronger.

1:I cannot lift this. 2: Grow stronger.

A hard fight to get clear of.

Any fool can calculate strenght. That one’s been doing it since we arrived. Now he has to calculate what he can’t see.

Do we have anything resembling a plan? Uh-huh, ride til we find them, kill them all!

For all we ought to have thought and have not thought, for all we ought to have said and have not said, for all we ought to have done and have not done, I pray thee, God, for forgiveness.

Give the man a sword, an he makes a knife.

Give the man a sword, an’ he makes a knife.

Hurry to me Death before your place is taken

Hurry to meet death, before your place is taken

I have ears. Warrior, says the wind. Chieftain, says the rain. But why seek you me? Met you your match? Met you your match with the eaters of the dead.

I was wrong. These are not men.


Is there a cave!?

It’s alright little brother, there are more.

Lo , there do I see my father . Lo , there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers . Lo, do I see the line of my people back to begining . Lo , do they call to me . They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhala …Where the brave..shall live……Forever .

Merciful Father, I have squandered my life with plans of many things. THIS… was not among them.

My mother …was a ..pure woman . From a noble family . And I …at least know who my father is . You..pig eating sonofa a whore

my mother was a virtuous woman from a noble family and at least I know who my father was, you pig-eating son of a whore!

See to your friend. He was a brave man.

She is the earth, seek her in the earth.

Slaughter them til you rot. You will accomplish nothing.

Take the heads. They always take the heads.

The 13th Warrior must be no North-man.

The Tar-Tars are coming!

There is only one God, and Muhamed is his prophet.

When the time comes.. do not let them be taken.

when you die could i give this to me daughter

You draw sounds?

Your fate is fixed. Fear profits a man nothing.

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