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what kind of twisted upbringing did you people have? it’s either lay a golden egg or count the hairs on a goblins ass!

‘Put your finger in my mouth, turn around till you face south, touch a thing that you would prize, and you will not believe your eyes.’

*singing* Buddy you’re a young lamb look at you playin in the fields gonna be a big ram someday! Ya got wool on your face, ya big disgrace! Wavin your fleece all over the place singin’ we will we will shear you!

*singing* Shepardess makes quite a mess, but little lambs are lovely.

1) Ya like carvin’? 2) Well not flesh or anything.

1) Dad, what sheep songs do you know? 2) Uh, Baa-Baa Black Sheep. 1) No! She’s already doing that! 2) Well then I don’t know! Just pick any song! Just put sheep words to it!

1) I am Burly the troll, feared throughout the nine kingdoms! 2) I am Blabberwart the troll, dreaded throughout the nine kingdoms! 3) And I am Bluebell, terrified throughout the nine kingdoms!

1) I have a hard time trusting people. I just don’t wanna jump unless I know some one’s going to catch me.
2) I’ll catch you. And if I miss for any reason, I’ll sit by your bedside and nurse you back to health.

1) It’s no use, this man is a complete idiot. 2) If only! Now my father, he was a complete idiot! I’m still a half-wit!

1) They call it the Brothers Gibb. (playes stereo with the song Saturday Night Fever playing) 2) It concerns a deadly fever that only strikes on Saturday.

1. Faster! Row faster! 2. I can’t row any faster, my hands are bleeding! 1(mockingly) My hands are bleeding! 2. Oh, suck an elf, bluebell. 3. Both of you just shut up!

1. Row faster! 2. shut up, Bluebell, I’ve rowed all night! 1. Oh, shut up, Burly.(muttering to himself, taking something out of his hair and putting it in his mouth.) 3. Oh, Bluebell, stop eating your head lice. 1(innocently) I wasn’t chewing, I was just keeping it under my tongue!

1. Wait, I have a question! What is the point of having a door with a horrible death behind it, huh? (grabs frog) 2. Get your hands off me! 1. WHAT DOES THAT ACHIEVE? I MEAN WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF YOUR LIFE? JUST TO BE A PAIN? 2. Don’t touch me there, only my girlfriend touches me there…Whoaaaa!(Tony throws frog into doorway and a burst of fire comes out.) 3. I guess it’s the other one.

All I need is a good man. Who’s interested in food.

buddy your a young ewe, look at you playing in the feilds ganna be a big ram someday- you’ve got wool on your face- big disgrace, waving your fleece all over the place
sing we will we will sheer you

Does it have a Rumple in it??

Drain the system, I’d like to DRAIN HIS SYSTEM!

Frankie? John? Paul? George? Ringo?

hi i’m the village idiot. my father was a moron but i’m only a half-wit.

I always wanted my life to be fairy story, and now it is!


I don’t trust you at all! You tried to eat my grandmother!

I’ll catch you. And if for any reason I don’t, then i’ll sit at your bedside and nurse you back to health

If you get stabbed, save the knife for me.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, ….rams and ewes…

Landlord: Tony, I have been calling this elevator for the last half hour, I thought you fixed it! Tony: I did, sir, but it’s broken again! LL: Well, don’t take all night on it, you gotta look at that boiler, it’s driving everybody crazy. The whole system has to be drained and bled… Tony: Yes, I just gotta fix the leak on number nine and I’m right on it! (elevator door opens) LL: I’m only gonna say this once, there are an awful lot of people out there who would love your job, an awful lot of people! (walks away) Tony:(to Virginia) Drain the system, I’d like to drain HIS system!

love of my life let down Lusterouse locks

Mornin’! My name’s Sally Peep. I’m a shepherdess

Morning! My name’s Sally Peep. I’m a shepardess.

My name is Virginia, and I live on the edge of the forrest.

No! It’s MY turn to be naughty!

Old matteress has a sweaty, meaty taste to it.

Poison is the way the Queen will strike, and the way she must be defeated.

Rare implies dangerously cooked! When I say rare I mean, let it look at the oven in terror and bring it out to me!

Ring *Singing*: How I long to linger, on your sweetheart’s finger!

Singing Ring: I’ll be sweet and fresh, wrapped around her flesh!

Singing Ring: There’s no doubt, and there’s no maybe, the three of us are having a baby!

Singing Ring: HOw I long to linger, On your sweethearts finger. Wolf: On its my engagement ring. Oh a singing ring never fails to get his girl. It destiny. Oh put it on, put it on. Virginia: Well alright i’ll just try it on but im not getting married. Wolf: Of course you are, our baby’s got to have a father. Virginia: I dont intend to have children thank you very much. Wolf: Well its a little bit late for that. Virginia: What do you mean? Wolf: YOu got a little wolf cub growing inside you. A little furry chap just like me only much smaller. Believe me, im a wolf. I know these things. Virginia: Really? Wolf: I just know.

suck an elf

the singing ring: you can not win her,you can not choose her, you are just a hopeless loser

They say money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly brings a smile to my face!

Tony(at elevator) Look at this, this has been chewed, this is not my job, it’s an electrician’s job, but who gets to do it?

Tony: You know what I’m startin to think? I’m starting to think that the only people they want in this country are guys like me, you know, who work for scraps, do six jobs, basically bend over and take it.

We either live happily ever after or we get killed by horrible curses.

Well what if it never stops growing?? I’m going to die of long hair!

What is it with you people, What kind of twisted upbringing did you have?!?! Oh, why can’t you just say Oh that will be a hundred gold coins, why does it always have to be no not unless you lay a golden egg, or count the hairs on that giants ass!!!

What is it with you people? What kind of twisted up-bringing did you have???

Wolf: OH Virginia I cant conceal it from you any longer. Something has just happened to me. Virginia: me too. Wolf: i just….it has?Virginia: Tell me its just this town. Wolf: Well it is a magic love town. And flowers only grow where there seeds, and fireworks only happen where theres stuff in the rockets already. Virginia: Maybe there is destiny. Wolf: There most certainly is. Virginia: May i am supposed to be with you. Wolf: You most certainly are. (They almost kiss) Viginia: Maybe we should see how dads doing.

You’re cold Virginia, how did you get to be so cold?

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