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Good Inspirational Stories

Inspirational story #250 Guardian

Here’s another good inspirational story: Guardian I have had psychic experiences since I was small, the first being fear…anyway, in 2000 I had a massive emotional breakdown and a total of six months in a clinic. Before and after there were many times where I needed a guide and sure enough they came in some [...]

Inspirational story #249 YOU ARE SPECIAL

Here’s another good inspirational story: YOU ARE SPECIAL In all the world there is nobody like you. Since the beginning of time there has never been another person like you. Nobody has your smile, your eyes, your hands, your hair. Nobody owns your handwriting, your voice. You’re Special. Nobody can paint your brush strokes. Nobody [...]

Inspirational story #248 DEPRESSION

Here’s another good inspirational story: DEPRESSION Maybe if my leg was broken or I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness they would have cared more. It seems that mental illness does not have a place in this world. There are already too many ‘freaks’ suffering from it, one in five australians in fact. Sure [...]

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