Inspirational story #247 A lot to Give

Here’s another good inspirational story: A lot to Give

Who made this boy believe that he couldn’t stand the test
that as a human being he was different from the rest
A father who told him “Son you’ve come out all wrong”
Never would he fit in, nor would he belong
Why does the little girl live all alone with her fears
that daddy’s next punch will leave her with more than tears
“I’m sorry daddy, please, it’s probably all my fault”
She really wants to say “I don’t need this bloody assault”
When did the little boy stop seeking physical affection
and shy away from any that was aimed in his direction
Who was the bastard who stole away his cheeky little grin
for innocence lost the pervert should pay the ultimate price for his sin
How come the little girl believes all the crap that she is told
day after day on verbal abuse she has been sold
“Not good enough, too fat, too thin, you just don’t fit in”
chanted over and over by children standing around her in a ring
All these children aren’t the first, sadly they are not the last
They will bear forever the scars of a hated past
Can anyone help them change the beliefs they have been given
or to the needle, weed and booze to escape they will be driven
Who out there is willing to estimate how much it is they’ve lost
for with pain, fear, terror and tears they have paid the cost
Can anybody out there show them they are worthy to live
for to this world they really have quite a lot to give.

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