Julian Beever’s Amazing Sidewalk Art

Julian Beever has been astounding crowds at street festivals and other venues for years, with his amazing 3d sidewalk images. His 3D art is so perfect, Many people who see the pictures of his pavement drawings even wonder if they are real, but some of his pictures wisely show the 3d images from other perspective, in which case they look like strange, elongated drawings. So take a look and enjoy his unique and truly creative style of sidewalk art.


Sidewalk Art #1: great effect in moving the sidewalk pavement.


Sidewalk Art #2: a seal right out of the sidewalk pavement.


Sidewalk Art #3: batman and robin


Sidewalk Art #4: two men falls into a manhole


Sidewalk Art #5: a toy boat in a puddle of water


Sidewalk Art #6: a dead gigantic fly

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