German Shepherd Puppy Pics and Info: Pictures and information about the German Shepherd Dog breed

Cute German Shepherd Puppy The German Shepherd is a dog breed that is known for its balance and ability to serve as both a worker and a companion. In the 19th century, dogs were used for much more than household companionship. No where was this more evident than with the German Shepherd. This dog is a herder, but it has now come to do lots of work. Police stations have used the German Shepherd in its work because of its brain power and aggressiveness. Still, there are certain qualities of German Shepherd puppies that make these dogs a great pet.

There are quite a few personality traits that have combined to make the German Shepherd very popular. For starters, the German Shepherd has been noted as one of the most brilliant dogs in the world. It can learn things that most dogs could never dream of learning. Still, its charm, beauty, and curiosity make it a loveable pet.

German Shepherd puppies are beautiful and they love to play. Though they can be somewhat coy around other dogs, they like to mix it up a little bit. They are bred to be aggressive towards other animals, so it is important to train them against this notion at a very early age. Still, they can have a good time with other dogs if they leave to socialize very early.

German Shepherds are usually quite aggressive and can harm small animals. They are usually fine around children, although some cases of aggression have been noted in the past. As puppies, German Shepherds are fluffy, meaning that children will enjoy playing with them. As long as their aggression is kept in check, German Shepherds can be a dog for the whole family.

Appropriate training is the key to getting the most out of your German Shepherd. They have the capability of doing great things, but won’t do so without the right amount of training. House training is usually painless with this breed and other things come just as easy. It simply takes some time and patience to allow the dog to get it right.

One health problem that is common to German Shepherds is a blood disorder. Owners must be careful to keep an eye on the dog at a young age to check for blood issues.

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