How to Speak and Write Correctly

By: JOSEPH DEVLIN, M.A. Edited by: THEODORE WATERS THE CHRISTIAN HERALD BIBLE HOUSE NEW YORK Copyright, 1910, by THE CHRISTIAN HERALD NEW YORK CONTENTS CHAPTER I: REQUIREMENTS OF SPEECH Vocabulary. Parts of speech. Requisites CHAPTER II: ESSENTIALS OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR Divisions of grammar. Definitions. Etymology. CHAPTER III: THE SENTENCE Different kinds. Arrangement of words. Paragraph. … Read more

Definitions and Essentials in English

HOW TO SPEAK AND WRITE CORRECTLY by JOSEPH DEVLIN, M.A. CHAPTER I: REQUIREMENTS OF SPEECH Vocabulary Parts of Speech Requisites It is very easy to learn how to speak and write correctly, as for all purposes of ordinary conversation and communication, only about 2,000 different words are required. The mastery of just twenty hundred words, … Read more