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I have had psychic experiences since I was small, the first being fear…anyway, in 2000 I had a massive emotional breakdown and a total of six months in a clinic. Before and after there were many times where I needed a guide and sure enough they came in some shape or form and even when people did hurt me. Something seemed to always get them back for their actions.

I don’t know if I have a living guardian or a spiritual one or both…but I will say this now…I find it hard to believe in Churches but it never disturbs my belief in God, even when I’m angry with him, he has never walked away. He has never left me to really get seriously hurt.

He has held my hand without me even realizing until afterwards and he has rescued me in the final hour to make me continue living.

I have met people that just seem to know me and all the pain in my head and they are there just when I need them. I will always believe I have a guardian angel and I won’t hate God no matter what goes wrong. Even when I yell at him, he still looks out for me.

One day I nearly jumped from the top floor of college in High Wycombe in the UK a just as I was really about to get up there and do it, this guy appeared from a class room and said very calmly, “you’re not going to jump are you”? One night when I was walking alone at night because I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t cope with my emotions… this guy offered to walk with me up the hill by my home and then back again to make sure I got home safe. I have never seen him again.

One day in the underground in London (a lovely city) an Asian man walked up to me and asked me how I was feeling and was my head hurting? I sat down on the seat by the tunnel and I nodded. Without even thinking how he knew I felt so bad. He told me to sit and be calm and the headache would go away. He caught the next tube, while I sat and tried to calm down. When I got up to catch the next tube. I realized my head wasn’t pounding anymore.

That’s another reason why I believe that God is All…whatever name or religion, it is just the same person with a million different faces every day and a million different names.

I don’t know who my guardian angel is apart from God or Gods friend but I’d just like to say, Thank You.

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