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Funny Songs, youtube videos for Kids: Children’s Songs

Sweet, happy children’s song #10: Sun Drops

Sun Drops is a sweet, happy children’s song and youtube video. you can sing along with the words, and even whistle along if you want. The youtube video is nothing fancy, but all the words are there to this sweet, happy children’s song. Sundrops are every where On your smile and on your hair I [...]

The Whistle Song (If I Were): fun, sweet, happy kids song #9

The whistle song is one of those fun, sweet kids songs that can stick with you a while after you hear it. you might catch yourself whistling a tune later and wonder what it was- and then realize it was The Whistle Song… Can you Whistle along with it? Sing along. (the youtube video has [...]

Happy, fun children’s youtube video and song #8: Song Drops

Here’s a good light, fun, happy youtube video and song for kids. very cheery and fast. Song Drops. The video has the words so you can sing along, or whistle along if you know how. Song Drops are splashing down. Flowers bloom as they kiss the ground. It’s such a lovely day…. [youtube [...]

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