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Pug Screen Cleaner: Cute puppy video of Pug Licking Computer Screen Clean

Cute Screen Cleaner: The cutest pug licking your screen clean you will see today: If you need a cleaner screen, (or a screen cleaner) this should do the trick. Here is a very cute video, actually a flash wave file, of a cute pug licking your screen. This little pug puppy with the ugly cute face and big [...]

Evil Eye Baby from Youtube. A really funny you tube video of a baby making the evil eye.

So this Evil Eye Baby Video has been spreading like wildfire lately. With millions of views on You tube. A very cute baby, (maybe 18 months old) has learned how to make a really mad, angry face with lots of attitude, on commmand. so he goes back and forth from laughing to doing the evil eye. [...]

Lip dubbing: Best lip dubbing vids and video

We are all familiar with lip syncing. So what is lip dubbing (or lipdubbing)? Lip dubbing is playing a song on your ipod and singing to it, while video recording it. Then later adding in the music. It can be done in a public place, and no one will hear anything (although you might get [...]

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