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Best funny vids & videos: Some of the best funny videos on the web from youtube etc.

Pug Screen Cleaner: Cute puppy video of Pug Licking Computer Screen Clean

Cute Screen Cleaner: The cutest pug licking your screen clean you will see today:

If you need a cleaner screen, (or a screen cleaner) this should do the trick. Here is a very cute video, actually a flash wave file, of a cute pug licking your screen. This little pug puppy with the ugly cute face and big heart makes a very nice monitor cleaner or computer screen cleaner.  The little guy will keep working to lick the computer screen clean as long as you want him to.  Just click the link and watch your monitor become clean before your eyes.  (Well, clean in kind of a slobbery, blurry, pug spit kind of way. (What is it about pugs that makes them so cute, when their face looks like it accidentally ran into a brick wall at full speed? Maybe it’s those big brown connective eyes.  (It sure ain’t the tongue!)

This pug screen licking video looks like it started as a promotional video for the 2005 Warner Bros movie “Must Love Dogs”.  But you have to admit, it’s pretty funny. and a cute and a little disgusting all at once. :)

So here’s the link to the video of a pug licking and cleaning your screen: The sweetest and (and grossest) computer screen cleaner around.

Video flash of cute pug licking and cleaning screen or monitor.

Funny videos of the day: A great thing about Bollywood films is the occasional English word appearing in the dialog seemingly randomly. Check out these funny Bollywood poker videos with weird sub-titles and get a different perspective on the game of poker.

Evil Eye Baby from Youtube. A really funny you tube video of a baby making the evil eye.

So this Evil Eye Baby Video has been spreading like wildfire lately. With millions of views on You tube.  A very cute baby, (maybe 18 months old) has learned how to make a really mad, angry face with lots of attitude, on commmand.   so he goes back and forth from laughing to doing the evil eye.  His parents and others are laughing too, and it must have been on a funny videos show because there’s an audience enjoying the fun as well.  This kid is going to be famous, and he’ll be able to say on job apps and at parties “I was the evil eye baby”.  Although the chances are better  that by the time he is 10 he’ll want to never make the evil eye face again.

Anyway, here’s the You Tube video of  the evil eye baby. Enjoy.

[youtube LP81tSlEdeM nolink]





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Lip dubbing: Best lip dubbing vids and video

We are all familiar with lip syncing. So what is lip dubbing (or lipdubbing)? Lip dubbing is playing a song on your ipod and singing to it, while video recording it. Then later adding in the music. It can be done in a public place, and no one will hear anything (although you might get a few strange stares). Here are some of the most popular lip dubbing videos on the web right now. Absolutely, the best lip dub ever- at least so far- is “Flag Pole Sitta” done after work one day by a creative bunch that work at CV. It starts slow- but sweet- and then builds into contagious enthusiasm. Here’s what they say about it:

“We did this video one night after work. We are a company called Connected Ventures, a group of friends who work for: Vimeo, CollegeHumor, Busted Tees, and Defunker.

The video that helped start the craze: Flagpole Sitta, lipdubbed by: people at CV.

Lip Dubbing Disaster by: duplo

Come on! Feel the noise! by: Jakob Lodwick

Lip Dubbing: Afternoons and Coffeespoons by: Jakob Lodwick

Lip Dubbing: Mysteries by: panel_of_experts

Lip Dubbing: Crazy by: Jakob Lodwick

Lip Dubbing: Endless Dream by: Jakob Lodwick

CV Office Tour by: Jakob Lodwick

Lip Dubbing: You’re So Vain by: Jakob Lodwick

Lip Dubbing: Lovefool by: Jakob Lodwick

Lip Dubbing: Mad World by: Jakob Lodwick

Glory Box by: dzandone

Pizza Day by: Aereo

Lip Dubbing: Gone Daddy Gone by: Knock Knock

House Arrest Music by: Jakob Lodwick



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