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Movie Quotes from Remember the Night: Quotes from the movie Remember the Night

–Suppose you were starving to death and you didn’t have any food and you didn’t have any place to get anything. And there were some loaves of bread out in front of a market. Now remember, you’re starving to death and the man’s back was turned. Would you swipe one? –You bet I would. –That’s [...]

Movie Quotes from Remains of the Day, The: Quotes from the movie Remains of the Day, The

I don’t believe a man can consider himself fully content until he has done all he can to be of service to his employer. I’m placing my thoughts elsewhere while you chatter away. I’m sorry, sir, I was too busy serving to listen to the speeches. The cook cooks the cooked breakfast, while his assistant [...]

Movie Quotes from Reform School Girls: Quotes from the movie Reform School Girls

–Your time’s just been doubled. –Yeah, and so’s your chin. My name’s Edna, but the girls just call me Eddie. So Young. So Bad. So What! Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Reform School Girls’: Quotes from the movie ‘Reform School Girls’

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