Riddles 44

Cat’s Best Friend
What sneaks through doors and windows without knocking?

What heats an unlit stove?

What gives the cat a snug place to rest?

The sun!
May Scar
Though liquid in nature, don’t push me too far; for then I will break, and the damage may scar.

What am I?

Ready For Tales
My life is often a volume of grief,
your help is needed to turn a new leaf.
Stiff is my spine and my body is pale,
but I’m always ready to tell a tale.
What am I?

A book!
Pretty Thing
A very pretty thing am I, fluttering in the pale-blue sky.

Delicate, fragile on the wing, indeed I am a pretty thing.

What am I?

A beautiful butterfly.
Missing Camel?
A simple peasant is has bought a number of camels and is taking them to his farm.
As he rides contentedly along he counts them – he counts 29.
He was sure he had bought 30 camel, so in alarm he jumps off his camel and counts the camels again. To his delight there are 30.
Half an hour later, he counts his camels and once more there are just 29.
Confused, he climbs off his camel and counts again.
Once more there are 30.
Can you explain?

When he is on the camel he omits to count it.
The Butcher
A butcher has a 36 inch waist around, and he is 5 feet tall. What does he weigh?

Meat, he’s a butcher.
Where To Be Buried
Simon Simpleton was born in London, England.
His mother was Welsh and his father Scottish.

When Simon was eight his mother died.

When Simon was ten his father married an Irish women and suddenly Simon had an Irish sister.

When Simon was twenty four he graduated as a lawyer and took a job in Edinburgh, Scotland.

He is now sixty six.

Why can he not be buried on the banks of Loch Lomond in his favourite village of Luss, in Bonnie Scotland?

Because he is still alive!
Sparkly Gems
If you like pretty gems that sparkle and shine,
I invite you to dig in my virtual mine.
My first is purple, fit for a king,
My second is green where Dorothy did her thing.
My third is red, July’s birthstone as well,
My fourth is seen in strings and is found inside a shell.
My fifth is hard, pure Carbon and expensive to buy,
My sixth is Crocodolite, striped like the big cat’s eye.
Seventh is two words, a man-made fake of April’s stone,
Eighth is very dark and found at Lightning Ridge alone.
Now take from each gem, one letter in its turn,
And you will find the stuff for which even the god’s yearn.


The gems are:
Emerald ( Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz )
Tiger’s eye
Cubic Zirconium (Fake diamond)
Black Opal

Taking the first letter of Amethyst, second of Emerald, etc.. gives
Ambrosia – The food of the gods.

Black and White
I’m as plain to see as black & white.
I prefer to roam about at night.
Just don’t attack or startle me.
Or odiferous emissions may result you see.
I’m an omnivore yes it’s true.
But what’s my name tell me do.

I am a skunk!
The Traveler
A traveler starts a journey.
For the first week he goes east.
The second he goes in all directions.
The third he flies up into the sky. In the fourth he comes back down.
Who is the traveler?

An iceberg.

It travels East as an iceberg, free flowing water when melted, flies up to sky when evaporated, falls back down as rain.

What Word?
You can do it in vessels for getting you clean.
You can do it to fabric to stop being seen.
You are doing it when you’ve come up short.
You’ve done it too when you’ve equalled in sport.
This may sound like there should be images but then,
You can do all those things without pencil or pen.

What is the word?

Eye in a Blue Face
An eye in a blue face
Saw an eye in a green face.
“That eye is like to this eye”
Said the first eye,
“But in low place
Not in high place.”

The sun on the daisies.
No Legs on a Leg
No legs lay on one leg,
Two-legs sat near on three-legs,
Four legs got some.

Fish on a little table, man at table sitting on a stool, the cat has the bones.
Reach The Door
If you’re 8 feet away from a door and with each move you advance half the distance to the door.

How many moves will it take to reach the door?

You will never reach the door!

If you only move half the distance, then you will always have half the distance remaining no matter how small the number.

What animal is most likely to eat a relative?

An ant-eater!
The Haircut
A logician with some time to kill in a small town decided to get a haircut. The town had only two barbers, each with his own shop. The logician glanced into one shop and saw that it was extremely untidy. The barber needed a shave, his clothes were unkempt, his hair was badly cut. The other shop was extremely neat. The barber was freshly shaved and spotlessly dressed, his hair neatly trimmed.

Why did the logician return to the first shop for his haircut?

Each barber must have cut the other’s hair. The logician picked the barber who had given his rival the better haircut.
Triangle’s Area
A triangle has sides of 13, 18 and 31 inches.

What is the triangle’s area?

Casey at the Bat
During a baseball game in Mudville, Casey was Mudville’s lead-off batter. There were no substitutions or changes in the batting order of the nine Mudville men throughout the nine-inning game. It turned out that Casey came to bat in every inning.

What is the least number of runs Mudville could have scored?

Zero. In the first inning Casey and the next two batters walk and the next three strike out. In the second inning, the first three walk again, which brings Casey back to bat. But each runner is caught off base by the pitcher, so Casey is back at the plate at the start of the third inning. This pattern is now repeated until the game ends with no joy in Mudville, even though the mighty Casey never once strikes out.
Who Is Mad?
The Caterpillar believes that he and the Lizard are both mad.

Who is mad, the Caterpillar, the Lizard or both?

Answer: If the Caterpillar were sane, it would be false that he and the Lizard were both mad. Hence, if the Caterpillar were sane he would not have made the false statement. Therefore, the Caterpillar must be mad. Since he is mad, his belief is wrong, so it is not true that both are mad. So the other one (the Lizard) must be sane. Therefore, the Caterpillar is mad and the Lizard is sane.
Disguising Her Age
When I asked her how old she was, she smiled and said cryptically:

“The day before yesterday I was 22, but next year I’ll be 25.”

What is her birthday and when was the date of our conversation?

We conversed on January 1 and her birthday is on December 31.

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