Riddles 33

I Cut Things Up

My teeth are sharp, my back is straight, to cut things up it is my fate.What am I?

A Saw.

Marks Might Be Caught

My second is performed by my first, and, it is thought, a thief by the marks of my whole might be caught. What am I?

A Footstep.

Volume of Grief

My life is often a volume of grief, your help is needed to turn a new leaf. Stiff is my spine and my body is pale, but I’m always ready to tell a tale. What am I?

Sadly, I am a Book.

Wind is my Foe

My life can be measured in hours,
I serve by being devoured.
Thin, I am quick,
Fat, I am slow,
Wind is my foe.
What am I?

I am the wax of a candle.

Of High Value

My host thinks I’m an irritation, a bother, a pain. But he can’t evict me, so here I will remain. Then one day I’m taken and ranked among my peers.Can you guess just what I am? Then you might call me dear.

I am a Pearl.

Roast Me!

My first is twice in apple but not once in tart. My second is in liver but not in heart. My third is in giant and also in ghost. Whole I’m best when I am roast. What am I?

The word Pig.

Out at Night

My first is in ocean but never in sea, my second’s in wasp but never in bee. My third is in glider and also in flight, my whole is a creature that comes out at night.
What am I?

An Owl.

Furry Friend

My first is in chocolate but not in ham, my second’s in cake and also in jam, my third at tea-time is easily found, my whole is a friend who’s often around.What am I?

A Cat!

Events of Today

My first is a creature whose breeding is unclear.
My second, a price you must pay.
My whole can be found in the river of Time and refers to events of today.
What am I?


Bloody Language

My first half is a container, & I am language understood by few, if any.
What am I?


Mr. Whimpy

Mr. Whimpy was terrified of the dark. When he went to bed, he would flip off the light switch on the far wall, then tear across the room to bed, 10 feet away. However, the other day, he flipped the switch, walked slowly to his bed, and climbed in before the room went dark. He only used his finger to switch off the light.
How did he manage this brave feat?

He went to bed in the daytime, it wasn’t dark.

Teeth and Touch

Metal or bone I may be, many teeth I have and always bared, yet my bite harms no one and ladies delight in my touch.What am I?

A comb.

Apricot Jam

Mary was making apricot jam. She put all the apricots in the pot and stirred them up. Then she remembered she had to add 1 ounce of lemon juice for every two apricots! How did she figure out how much lemon juice to put?

She counted the pits!

Mortal Privation

Marking mortal privation, when firmly in place.
An enduring summation, inscribed in my face.
What am I?

A Tombstone.

Mark and Billy

Mark and Billy have been the best friends ever since they were little kids. They are also very competitive. Throughout the years they have challenged each other to do both physical and mental challenges. And they completed the challenge.But one day Mark thought of something to challenge Billy to do – something he could start but never finish. The average man could do it and so could Mark and they were both the same sex and the same size. It is a physical challenge.

Can you figure out what it was?

Mark challenged Billy to get a tan, but he couldn’t…Billy is an albino.

In Newspapers and Magazines

Many different types of my last seven letters can be found in newspapers, magazines, & journals. Physicists have built devices to get me moving very fast.
What am I?


Over and Under

Man walks over, man walks under, in times of war he burns asunder. What is it?

A Bridge.


Long and slinky like a trout, never sings till it’s guts come out. What is it?

It is a gun.

Little Nanny Etticoat

Little Nanny Etticoat, in a white petticoat, and a red nose; the longer she stands, the shorter she grows. What is she?

She is a candle.

In Piping Hot Water

Late afternoons I often bathe.
I’ll soak in water piping hot.
My essence goes through my see through clothes.
Used up am I; I’ve gone to pot.
What am I?

I’m a tea bag!

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