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Name Meaning Origin
Linton From the flax enclosure English
Lintun From the flax enclosure English
Linus flaxen-haired greek
Linwood From the linden tree dell. English
Lion Lion. The lion is a figure in art and religious symbolism of many cultures: symbolizing kingliness and grandeur and courage. English
Lionel cousin of Lancelot arthurian
Lionel Young lion. French
Lionel Cousin of Lancelot Arthurian Legend
Lionel Young lion. English
Lionell Young lion. English
Lionell Young lion. French
Lippi lover of horses greek
Lippo legend name finnish
Lir a mythical king celtic
Lir A mythical king Celtic
Lisabet Abbreviation of Elizabeth. English
Lisandro Liberator. Spanish
Lise Miwok name meaning " salmon head rising above water." native
Lise Salmon’s head rising above water (Miwok) Native American
Lisimba lion egyptian
Lisle From the island French
List cunning anglo
List Cunning Anglo-Saxon
Litton from the hillside town english
Litton From tbe hillside town English
Livingston from Lyfing’s town english
Livingston From Lyfing’s town English
Livingstone From Livingston Scottish
Liviu olive romanian
Liwanu Miwok name meaning " growl of a bear." native
Liwanu Growl of a bear (Miwok) Native American
Llacheu Arthur’s son arthurian
Llacheu Arthur’s son Arthurian Legend
Llew meaning unknown arthurian
Llewelyn ruler celtic
Llewelyn Ruler Celtic
Lloyd gray celtic
Lloyd Gray Celtic
Lludd Name of a king Arthurian Legend
Llyr a mythical king celtic
Llyr A mythical king Celtic
Loc father of Erec arthurian
Loc luck, blessings vietnamese
Loc Lives by tbe stronghold English
Lochlain Home of the Norse Irish
Lochlann Home of the Norse Irish
Locke lives by the stronghold english
Locke Lives by tbe stronghold. Surname referring to a lock or locksmith. English
Lockwood from the enclosed wood english
Lockwood From the enclosed wood English
Locrine myth name english
Loe Father of Erec Arthurian Legend
Loefel Dearly loved English
Logan from the hollow gaelic
Logan Finnian’s servant Scottish
Logen Low meadow. Scottish
Lohengrin son of Percival arthurian
Lohengrin Son of Percival Arthurian Legend
Lohoot Son of Arthur Arthurian Legend
Lojza famous warrior czechoslovakian
Lok happy chinese
Lokni Miwok name meaning " rain falls through the roof." LONATO native
Lokni Rain falls through the roof (Miwok) Native American
Loman Bare Irish
Lon fierce gaelic
Lonato Flint Native American
Lonell Young lion. English
Lonell Young lion. French
Long dragon chinese
Lonnell Young lion. English
Lonnell Young lion. French
Lono a God of peace and farming hawaiian
Lonzo Ready: eager. Abbreviation of Alonzo. Spanish
Lootah Sioux name meaning " red." native
Lootah Red (Sioux) Native American
Lorah Variant of Laura referring to the laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory. German
Loran Form of Lorenzo and Lawrence. English
Lorance Modern usage. From the place of the laurel trees. English
Lorant victory hungarian
Lorcan Little fierce one. Irish
Loren Form of Lorenzo and Lawrence. English
Lorence Modern usage. From the place of the laurel trees. English
Lorencz Hungarian form of Lawrence (laurel) hungarian
Lorenz laurel german
Lorenz laurel swiss
Lorenz Laurel German
Lorenzo Form of Lawrence. Lorenzo de’ Medici was a patron of Michaelangelo and Da Vinci. Spanish
Lorette Diminutive of Laura or Lora referring to the laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory. English
Loria Modern variant of Lora and Laurie referring to the laurel tree or sweet bay tree symbolic of honor and victory. English
Lorimar Saddle maker English
Lorimer saddle maker english
Lorimer Saddle maker English
Lorin Form of Lorenzo and Lawrence. English
Lorineus myth name english
Loring from Lorraine french
Loring famous in battle german
Loring Famous in battle German
Loring From Lorraine French
Loritz Laurel German
Lorne Form of Lawrence. Scottish
Lornell Form of Lawrence. Scottish
Lorren Variant of Lawrence meaning from Laurentium. English
Loryn Form of Lorenzo and Lawrence. English
Lot name of a king arthurian
Lot veiled hebrew
Lot Name of a king Arthurian Legend
Lot Veiled Hebrew
Lothair fighter french
Lothair Famous in battle German
Lothair Fighter French
Lothar Renowned warrior. German
Lotharing Famous in battle German
Louden Wolf Valley. Old English
Loughlin Servant Irish
Louis famous in war french
Louis Form of Lawrence. English
Louis Famous fighter German
Louis Famous in war Form of Lawrence. French
Louvel Little wolf French
Lovell Young wolf. French
Lovell Dearly loved English
Lowe Little wolf French
Lowell dearly loved english
Lowell little wolf french
Lowell Young wolf. French
Lowell Dearly loved English
Loxias crooked greek
Loyal true french
Loyal Faithful: unswerving. English
Loyal TRUE French
Luc Light: illumination. Form of Luke. French
Lucan joins anglo
Lucan brother of Arthur arthurian
Lucan Brother of Arthur Arthurian Legend
Lucan Joins Anglo-Saxon
Lucas light gaelic
Lucas Form of Luke light: illumination. English
Lucca Bringer of light. Italian
Lucero Spanish form of Luke light Spanish
Lucian light romanian
Lucian Form of Luke. Light: illumination. French
Luciano Form of Luke. Light: illumination. Spanish
Lucien Form of Luke. Light: illumination. French
Lucila Diminutive form of Lucia light: illumination. Spanish
Lucio Spanish form of Luke light Spanish
Lucius a Roman emperor arthurian
Lucius Form of Luke. Light: illumination. English
Lucky Fortunate. Lucky is also used as a nickname for Lucas and its variants. English
Lud myth name english
Ludlow from the prince’s hill english
Ludlow From the prince’s hill English
Luduvico Famous fighter German
Ludwig famous fighter german
Ludwig Famous fighter German
Ludwik Famous fighter German
Lueius A Roman emperor Arthurian Legend
Lufian love anglo
Lufian Love Anglo-Saxon
Lufti kind arabic
Lufti Kind Arabic
Lugaidh Famous warrior Irish
Lughaidh Famous fighter German
Luigi Famous fighter German
Luiginw Famous fighter German
Luis Famous fighter German
Luis Form of Louis. Spanish
Lukacs Hungarian form of Lucas (light) hungarian
Lukas Bringer of light. Variant of Lucas. English
Luki Famous fighter German
Lukman a prophet egyptian
Lumumba Congolese name meaning "gifted." african
Lun Strong Irish
Lunden from London anglo
Lunden From London Anglo-Saxon
Lundie From the island grove Scottish
Lundy From the island grove Scottish
Lunn Strong Irish
Luqman a prophet’s name arabic
Lusala Luhya of Kenya name meaning "whip." african
Luthais famous in battle gaelic
Luthais Famous warrior Scottish
Luther Renowned warrior. German
Lutz Famous fighter German
Luxman Loyal and sincere. Indian
Luxovious myth name (god of Luxeuil) celtic
Luxovious Mythical god of Luxeuil Celtic
Luzige locust egyptian
Lyall Surname meaning loyal. Scottish
Lyam Form of William. Irish
Lycaon myth name (a king of Arcadia) greek
Lycomedes myth name (a king of Scyros) greek
Lycurgus myth name (a king of the Edones) greek
Lydell from the open dell english
Lydell A surname often used as a given name. Scottish
Lydell From the open dell English
Lyel Surname meaning loyal. Scottish
Lyfing Dearly loved English
Lyle from the island french
Lyle Islander. French
Lyman from the valley english
Lyman From the valley English
Lyn Dwells by the torrent Anglo-Saxon
Lynceus myth name (an Argonaut) greek
Lynd Lives by the linden tree English
Lyndon lives by the linden tree english
Lyndon Lives by the linden tree English
Lyndsie Variant of Lindsey from the linden tree island English
Lynessa Variant of ancient Welsh given name. In Arthurian legend Lynette accompanied Sir Gareth on a knightly quest. English
Lynford From the linden tree ford English
Lynn dwells by the torrent anglo
Lynn Dwells by the torrent Anglo-Saxon
Lynne Abbreviation of Lynnette who accompanied Sir Gareth on a knightly quest in Arthurian legend: variant of the Irish Gaelic word lann meaning house: church. English
Lysander liberator greek
Lyza Abbreviation of Elizabeth and Eliza. English
Ma’mun trustworthy arabic
Ma’n benefit arabic
Maahes Lion Egyptian
Maarouf well-known arabian
Mabon a knight arthurian
Mabon myth name (god of youth) celtic
Mabon legend name (son of Modron) MABSANT welsh
Mabon Mythical god of youth Celtic
Mabon A knight Arthurian Legend
Mabonagrain a knight arthurian
Mabonaqain A knight Arthurian Legend
Mabuz ruler of Death Castle arthurian
Mabuz Ruler of Death Castle Arthurian Legend
Mac son of celtic
Mac Son of Scottish
Mac Son of Celtic
Mac a’bhaird son of Baird gaelic
Mac a’bhiadhtaiche son of Bhiadhtaiche gaelic
Mac adhaimh son of Adam gaelic
Mac ailean son of the handsome man gaelic
Mac alasdair son of Alasdair gaelic
Mac an aba father’s son gaelic
Mac an bhaillidh son of the steward gaelic
Mac an bharain son of the noble warrior gaelic
Mac an bhreatannaich son of the Briton gaelic
Mac an t-saoir son of the carpenter gaelic
Mac an tsagairt son of the prelate gaelic
Mac artuir son of Arthur gaelic
Mac asgaill son of Asgaill gaelic
Mac bheathain son of the man who lives by the clear stream gaelic
Mac bhriain son of the strong gaelic
Mac daraich son of the man from the ford by the oak trees gaelic
Mac ghille aindreis son of the one who served the manly one gaelic
Mac ghille mhicheil son of the one who served Saint Michael gaelic
Mac ghille-bhuidhe son of the one who serves the blond gaelic
Mac ghille-dhuibh son of the one who serves the dark man gaelic
Mac ghille-dhuinn son of the one who serves Brown gaelic
Mac ghille-easpuig son of the one who serves the sacred and bold gaelic
Mac ghille-laider son of the one who serves the strong armed gaelic
Macadhamh Son of Adam Scottish
Macaire blessed greek
Macalister Son of Alasdair Scottish
Macalpin Son of Alpine Scottish
Macalpine Son of Alpine Scottish
Macandrew Son of Andrew Scottish
Macario Happy Spanish
Macartan Son of Artan Irish
Macarthur Son of Arthur Scottish
Macaulay Son of Olaf Scottish
Macauliffe Son of Olaf Irish
Macauslan Son of Absalon Scottish
Macbain Son of Beathan Scottish
Macbean Son of Beathan Scottish
Macbeth Son of Beth Scottish
Macbride Son of Bridget Bride Irish
Maccallum Son of Callum Scottish
Macclennan Son of Finnian’s servant Scottish
Maccoll Son of Coll Scottish
Maccormack Son of Cormac Irish
Maccus son of Gus anglo
Maccus hammer celtic
Maccus Hammer Celtic
Macdaibhidh David’s son Scottish
Macdhubh Son of the blackman Scottish
Macdomhnall Son of the world’s ruler Scottish
Macdonald Son of the world’s ruler Scottish
Macdonell Son of the world’s ruler Scottish
Macdougal Son of Dougal Scottish
Macdoughall Son of Dougal Scottish
Macdubhgall Son of Dougal Scottish
Macduff Son of the blackman Scottish
Mace A mace was a medieval weapon used by knights. English
Macelroy Son of Elroy Irish
Macen “Protector, Guardian.” Unknown
Macèo God’s gift MARCELLO, MARCO italian
Macerio Form of Mace which is a medieval weapon used by knights. Spanish
Macewen Son of Ewen Scottish
Macfarlane Son of Farlan Scottish
Macfie Son of the dark of peace Scottish
Macgillivray Son of the servant of judgment Scottish
Macgowan Son of the smith Scottish
Macgregor Son of a shepherd Scottish
Machair Plain Scottish
Machakw Hopi name meaning " horny toad." native
Machakw Horny toad (Hopi) Native American
Machaon myth name (son of Aesculapius) greek
Machar Plain Scottish
Machau Gift from God Hebrew
Machk Algonquin name meaning " bear." native
Machk Bear (Algonquin) Native American
Machum comfort hebrew
Machum Comfort Hebrew
Machupa Swahili name meaning "one who enjoys drinking." african
Macinnes Son of the unique choice Scottish
Macintosh Son of the thane Scottish
Maciver Son of an archer Scottish
Mack Son of Celtic
Mack Son of Scottish
Mackaillyn Combination of Mackenzie and Kayla. Pure and beautiful. Celtic
Mackay Son of fire Scottish
Mackendrick Son of Henry Scottish
Mackenzie Fair: favored one. Son of the fair man or Son of Kenzie Scottish
Mackinley Son of Kinley Scottish
Mackinnon Son of the fair born Scottish
Mackintosh Son of the thane Scottish
Macklin son of Flann celtic
Macklin Son of Flann Celtic
Macklyn Son of Flann Celtic
Maclachlan Son of Lachlan Scottish
Maclaine Son of the servant of John Scottish
Maclane Unknown
Maclaren Son of Laren Scottish
Maclean Son of the servant of John Scottish
Macleod Son of the ugly man Scottish
Macmaureadhaigh Son of Murray Irish
Macmillan Son of the ba!d man Scottish
Macmurra Son of Murray Irish
Macnab Son of the Abbot Scottish
Macnachtan Son of the pure one Scottish
Macnair son of an heir gaelic
Macnaughton Son of the pure one Scottish
Macneill Son of the champion Scottish
Macniall Son of the champion Scottish
Macnicol Son of the conquering people Scottish
Macon Maker German
Macpherson Son of the parson Scottish
Macquaid Son of Quaid Irish
Macquarrie Son of the proud Scottish
Macqueen Son of the good man Scottish
Macrae Son of grace Scottish
Macray Son of grace Scottish
Macsen Variant of Maximus. Meaning Welsh
Madden Smalldog Milos Irish
Maddix American
Maddock Beneficent Celtic
Maddox beneficient celtic
Maddox Beneficent Celtic
Madelhari War counselor German
Madelon Woman from Magdala. Variant of Madeleine. French
Madisen “French,English”
Madison son of a mighty warrior english
Madison Surname derived from Matthew gift of God or from Matilda strong fighter. English
Madntyre Son of the carpenter Scottish
Madoc beneficent arthurian
Madoc Fortunate Welsh
Mador accuser of Guinevere arthurian
Mador Accuser of Guinevere Arthurian Legend
Mads Gift from God Hebrew
Madu of the people egyptian
Maduley Son of Olaf Irish
Maeadam Son of Adam Scottish
Maed From the meadow English
Maeleachlainn Servant Irish
Maelisa Serves Christ Irish
Maelwine Strong friend English
Maeret Little famous one English
Maerewine Famous friend English
Maethelwine Council friend English
Maetthere Powerful army English
Magahet honest; truthful chamoru
Magan competent anglo
Magan Competent Anglo-Saxon
Magar meaning unknown armenian
Magee Surname. Irish
Magnus great danish
Magnus One who is great. Latin
Mago Great Irish
Mahdi guided to the right path arabic
Maheloas lord of the Isle of Glass arthurian
Maheloas Lord of the Isle of Glass Arthurian Legend
Maher skilful arabian
Maher Generous Irish
Mahfouz the protected one arabian
Mahieu Gift of God French
Mahir skilled arabic
Mahir Skilled Arabic
Mahkah Sioux name meaning " earth." native
Mahkah Earth (Sioux) Native American
Mahmoud Variant used for Mohammad – founder of Islamic religion. praiseworthy: glorified. Arabic
Mahmud the praised one arabic
Mahmud Praised Arabic
Mahon Bear Irish
Mahoney Surname. Irish
Mahoyu strong; tough chamoru
Mahpee Sioux name meaning " sky." native
Mahpee Sky (Sioux) Native American
Mahuizoh male or female name meaning "glorious person." nahuatl
Mai Ron Hebrew
Maichail Gift from God Hebrew
Maiele “eloquent, skilled in speaking” Hawaiian
Mailhairer Ill fated French
Maimun lucky arabic
Mainchin Monk Irish
Maipe fiery; hot chamoru
Maitland from the meadow english
Maitland From the meadow English
Majdy glorious arabic
Majeed noble, glorious arabian
Majid glorious arabic
Majid al din glory of the faith arabic
Makalani clerk egyptian
Makale American
Makani wind hawaiian
Makeen Strong Arabic
Maki surname meaning "hill" finnish
Makin strong arabic
Makin Strong Arabic
Makis Gift from God Hebrew
Makkapitew Algonquin name meaning " he has large teeth." native
Makkapitew He has large teeth (Algonquin) Native American
Makolm Follower of Saint Columba Scottish
Makoto good; sincere japanese
Makya Hopi name meaning " eagle



Makya Eagle hunter (Hopi) Native American
Mal Chief Irish
Mal Messenger of God Hebrew
Malachi Messenger of God Hebrew
Malachy messenger of God hebrew
Malachy Messenger of God Hebrew
Malachy Servant Irish
Malagigi legend name french
Malakai Angel or messenger of God. Hebrew
Malcolm servant of Saint Columba celtic
Malcolm Colum’s servant gaelic
Malcolm Servant of Saint Columba Celtic
Malcolm St. Columb’s disciple. Scottish
Malcom St. Columb’s disciple. Scottish
Malduc a wizard arthurian
Maldue A wizard Arthurian Legend
Malik master; angel; king arabic
Malik Master. Arabic
Malin little warrior english
Malin Little warrior English
Malleville From Malleville French
Mallory ill-fated french
Mallory war counselor german
Mallory War counselor German
Mallory Ill fated French
Malloy Noble chief Irish
Malone Serves Saint John. Surname. Irish
Maloney devoted to God gaelic
Maloney Serves Saint John Irish
Malvin leader celtic
Malvin council friend english
Malvin polished chief gaelic
Malvin Council friend English
Malvin Chief Irish
Malvin Leader Celtic
Malvyn Leader Celtic
Malvyn Council friend English
Malyn Little warrior English
Mamdouh one who is commended, praised and glorified arabic
Mames Unisexual name meaning "sweet; kind." chamoru
Mamo Amharic of Ethiopia name used to address a little boy whose name is unknown. african
Manasses forgetful hebrew
Manasses Forgetful Hebrew
Manauia unisexual name meaning "defend." nahuatl
Manawanui “Stout Hearted, Patient and Determined. Maori name (native language of New Zealand)” New Zealand
Mandar The name of Lord Ganesh. Hindu
Mandel makes garments french
Mandel almond german
Mandel Almond German
Mandel Makes garments French
Mane Great Irish
Maneet Child with a good heart. Seikh
Manfred hero’s peace english
Manfred peaceful german
Manfred Hero’s peace English
Manfred Peaceful German
Manfrid Hero’s peace English
Manfried Peaceful German
Manfrit Peaceful German
Mani Congolese name meaning "from the mountain." african
Manley from the hero’s meadow english
Manley From the hero’s meadow English
Manly From the hero’s meadow English
Mann vassal anglo
Mann hero english
Mann Vassal Anglo-Saxon
Mann Hero English
Manneville From the great estate French
Mannie A form of Emmanuel God is with us Spanish
Manning son of a hero english
Manning Son of a hero English
Mannix Monk Irish
Mannleah From the hero’s meadow English

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