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Name Meaning Origin
Harailt Leader Scottish
Harakhty myth name (disguise of Horus) egyptian
Haralambos meaning unknown greek
Harald war chief danish
Harb war arabic
Harb War Arabic
Harbin glorious warrior french
Harbin Glorious warrior French
Harcourt from the fortified farm french
Harcourt From the fortified farm French
Harden from the hare’s valley english
Harden From the hare’s valley English
Hardin From the hare’s valley English
Harding From the hare’s valley English
Hardouin name of a count french
Hardouin Name of a count French
Hardtman Strong German
Hardwin brave friend english
Hardwin Brave friend English
Hardwyn Brave friend English
Hardy daring german
Hardy Daring German
Hardyn From the hare’s valley English
Hare rabbit english
Hare Rabbit English
Harel mountain of God hebrew
Harel Mountain of God Hebrew
Harelache lives at the hare’s lake english
Harelache Lives at the hare’s lake English
Hareleah From the hare’s meadow English
Harford from the hare ford english
Harford From the hare’s ford English
Hargrove from the hare grove english
Hargrove From the hare’s grove English
Hariman protective german
Hariman Protective German
Harimann Protective German
Haris Guardian Arabic
Harith ploughman; cultivator arabic
Harkahome Little robe (Cheyenne) Native American
Harlak Lives at the hare’s lake English
Harlake Lives at the hare’s lake English
Harlan from the hare’s land english
Harlan From the hare’s land English
Harland Meadow of the hares. Variant of Harley. Surname. English
Harleigh From the hare’s meadow English
Harlen Meadow of the hares. Variant of Harley. Surname. English
Harley from the hare’s meadow english
Harley From the hare’s meadow English
Harlon Meadow of the hares. Variant of Harley. Surname. English
Harlow from the hare’s hill english
Harlow Meadow of the hares. Variant of Harley. Surname. English
Harlowe From the hare’s hill English
Harman Variant of Herman. French
Harmen Variant of Herman. French
Harmon Variant of Herman. French
Harmon A biblical place-name. Hebrew
Harold strong fighter dutch
Harold Army ruler.Variants include Araldo, Aralt, Aroldo, Arry, Garald, Garold, Hal, Harald, Haralds, Haroldas, Harry, Herold, Herrold, Herrick, and Herryck.Walter is related name. IGOR scandinavian
Harold Army commander. English
Haroun Arabic form of Aaron, "superior, exalted." arabic
Haroun Superior Arabic
Haroun al rachid Aaron the upright arabic
Haroun al rachid Aaron the upright Arabic
Haroutyoun resurrection armenian
Harper harpist english
Harper Harpist: minstrel. English
Harrell Mountain of God Hebrew
Harriman Surname. English
Harrington Surname. Irish
Harris Son of Harry English
Harrison son of Harry english
Harrison Son of Harry Surname. English
Harrod heroic hebrew
Harrod Heroic Hebrew
Harry Army man English
Hart stag english
Hart Stag Strong: brave. Surname. English
Harte Strong: brave. Surname. English
Hartford from the stag’s ford english
Hartford From the stag’s ford English
Harti Daring German
Hartley from the stag’s meadow english
Hartley From the stag’s meadow English
Hartman strong german
Hartman Strong German
Hartman Strong: brave. Surname. English
Hartmann Strong German
Hartun From the gray estate English
Hartwell lives near the stag’s spring english
Hartwell Lives near the stag’s spring English
Hartwood from the stag forest english
Hartwood From the stag’s forest English
Harun Superior Arabic
Harun al rachid Aaron the upright Arabic
Harvey bitter english
Harvey soldier german
Harvey Eager for battle. Celtic
Harvey Bitter Eager for battle. English
Harvey Soldier German
Hasad harvester turkish
Hasani handsome egyptian
Hashim Crusher of evil; broker. arabic
Hashim Destroys eviI Arabic
Hasione myth name greek
Haskel Intellect.Variant, Haskell, exists. hebrew
Haslet from the hazel-tree land english
Haslet From the hazel tree land English
Haslett From the hazel tree land English
Hassan Hausa of W. Africa name meaning "first born of twins." african
Hassan handsome arabic
Hassan Handsome Arabic
Hassun Algonquin name meaning " stone." native
Hassun Stone (Algonquin) Native American
Hastiin Navajo name meaning " man." native
Hastiin Man (Navajo) Native American
Hastings violent english
Hastings Violent English
Hatim judge arabic
Haven safety english
Haven place of safety: shelter. English
Havyn Safety English
Hawiovi Hopi name meaning " going down the ladder." native
Hawiovi Going down the ladder (Hopi) Native American
Hawley from the hedged meadow english
Hawley From the hedged meadow English
Hawly From the hedged meadow English
Hay From the stockade Scottish
Hayden from the hedged-in valley english
Hayden From the hedged in valley English
Haydin “Strong, Independent, Loving.” English
Haydn Heathen or Fire. Ancient Germanic
Haydon From the hedged in valley English
Haye From the stockade Scottish
Hayes from the hedged land english
Hayes From the hedged land English
Hayes Surname. Irish
Hayle Lives in the hall English
Haytham young hawk arabic
Hayward keeper of the hedged enclosure english
Hayward Keeper of the hedged enclosure English
Haywood from the hedged forest english
Haywood From the hedged forest English
Hayyim Life Hebrew
He lush ka Fighter (Winnebago) Native American
He-lush-ka Winnebago name meaning " fighter." native
Heahweard Chief guardian English
Healhtun From the hillslope estate English
Heall From the manor English
Healleah From the manor house meadow English
Heallstede From the manor house English
Healum Lives at the hall’s slopes English
Healy from the slope land english
Healy From the slope land English
Heammawihio Cheyenne name meaning " wise one above." HELAKU native
Heammawihio Wise one above (Cheyenne) Native American
Heanford From the high ford English
Heanleah From the high meadow English
Heardind From the hare’s valley English
Heardwine Brave friend English
Hearne myth name (a hunter) english
Hearne Mythical hunter English
Hearpere Harpist English
Heath Untended land where flowering shrubs grow. Surname and place-name. English
Heathcliff from the heath cliff english
Heathcliff From the heath cliff English
Heathclyf From the heath cliff English
Heathdene From the heath English
Heathleah From the heath covered meadow English
Heathley From the heath covered meadow English
Heber Partner. Heber was a biblical ancestor of Abraham. Hebrew
Heber Surname. Irish
Hebron meaning unknown arthurian
Hector steadfast greek
Hector Tenacious Spanish
Hefeydd myth name (father of Rhiannon) celtic
Hefeydd Mythical father of Rhiannon Celtic
Hegarty Unjust Irish
Heh myth name (god of the immeasurable) egyptian
Heikki Finnish form of Henry (rules the home) finnish
Heikkinen surname meaning "son of Henry" finnish
Heilyn myth name (son of Gwyn) celtic
Heilyn Mythical son of Gwyn Celtic
Heinrich German form of Henry (rules the home) german
Heinrich Rules his household. Variant of Henry. German
Heinz meaning unknown swiss
Heitor Variant of Hector. Spanish
Hekli Touch (Miwok) Native American
Helaku Full of sun Native American
Helder Portuguese
Helenus myth name (son of Priam) greek
Helios myth name (god of the sun) greek
Helki Miwok name meaning " touch." native
Hellekin French lover of Morgan le Fay (thirteenth century) arthurian
Hellekin French lover of Morgan le Fay Arthurian Legend
Helmut brave german
Helmut Brave German
Helmutt Brave German
Helton From the hillslope estate English
Henbeddestr fastest man celtic
Henbeddestr Fastest man Celtic
Henderson Son of Henry Scottish
Hengist son of Wodan anglo
Hengist Son of Wodan Anglo-Saxon
Henley Unknown
Hennessy Surname. Irish
Henri Variant of English Henry Rules his household. French
Henrick rules the home dutch
Henrick Strong ruler English
Henrik Danish form of Henry (rules the home) danish
Henrik Ruler of the home. Variant of Henry. German
Henry rules the home french
Henry Rules the home French
Henry Rules his household. Oft-used English and French royal name. The second son of Charles Prince of Wales is named Henry. German
Henry Rules his household. Oft-used English and French royal name. The second son of Charles Prince of Wales is named Henry. English
Henson Son of Henry Scottish
Henwas myth name (brother of Henbeddestr) celtic
Henwas Mythical brother of Henbeddestr Celtic
Heolstor darkness anglo
Heolstor Darkness Anglo-Saxon
Heorot deer anglo
Heorot Deer Anglo-Saxon
Heort Stag English
Heortwiella Lives near the stag’s spring English
Heortwode From the stag’s forest English
Hephaestus myth name (god of the crafts) greek
Herald One who proclaims. Also variant of Harold Army commander. English
Heraldo Army commander. English
Herbert Illustrious warrior. German
Herbert Illustrious warrior. French
Hercules myth name (son of Zeus) greek
Hererinc hero anglo
Hererinc Hero Anglo-Saxon
Heretoga commander anglo
Heretoga Commander Anglo-Saxon
Heriberto Spanish form of Herbert shining warrior Spanish
Herlbert Army strong English
Herlebeorht Army strong English
Herman Soldier. See also Harmon. German
Hermes myth name (messenger of the gods) greek
Hern Mythical hunter English
Hernan Adventurous. Variant of Ferdinand. Spanish
Hernandez Adventurous. Variant of Ferdinand. Spanish
Hernando adventuresome german
Hernando Adventuresome German
Hernando Adventurous. Variant of Ferdinand. Spanish
Herne myth name (a hunter god) celtic
Herne Mythical hunter English
Herne Mythical hunter god Celtic
Herrick army leader german
Herrick Army leader German
Herschel deer hebrew
Herschel Deer Hebrew
Hershel Deer Hebrew
Heru myth name (sun-god) egyptian
Herve Bitter English
Heskovizenako Cheyenne name meaning " porcupine bear." native
Heskovizenako Porcupine bear (Cheyenne) Native American
Hesperos evening star greek
Hesutu Miwok name meaning " yellow jacket nest rising out of the ground." native
Hesutu Yellow jacket’s nest rising out of the ground (Miwok) Native American
Hetheclif From the heath cliff English
Hevataneo Cheyenne name meaning " hairy rope." native
Hevataneo Hairyrope (Cheyenne) Native American
Hevovitastamiutsto Cheyenne name meaning " whirlwind." native
Hevovitastamiutsto Whirlwind (Cheyenne) Native American
Hewett little Hugh german
Hewett Little Hugh German
Hewitt Little Hugh German
Hewlett Little Hugh German
Hewlitt Little Hugh German
Heywood From the hedged forest English
Hezekiah God is my strength hebrew
Hezekiah God is my strength Hebrew
Hiamovi Cheyenne name meaning " high chief." HINUN native
Hiamovi High chief (Cheyenne) Native American
Hiatt From the high gate English
Hickey Healer Irish
Hid From the hide English
Hide From the hide English
Hien nice, kind, gentle vietnamese
Hieremias God will uplift hebrew
Hieremias God will uplift Hebrew
Hiero Name of a saint Irish
Hieronim meaning unknown greek
Hietamaki surname meaning "sand hill" finnish
Hieu dutiful to parents; filial dutifulness vietnamese
Higgins Intelligent Irish
Hilal meaning unknown arabic
Hilario Happy Spanish
Hildbrand War sword German
Hildebrand war sword german
Hildehrand War sword German
Hilderinc warrior anglo
Hilderinc Warrior Anglo-Saxon
Hilel the new moon arabic
Hillel greatly praised hebrew
Hillock from the small hill english
Hillock From the small hill English
Hillocke From the small hill English
Hilton from the hall on the hill english
Hilton From the hall on the hill English
Hinto Dakota name meaning " blue." native
Hinto Blue (Dakota) Native American
Hipolit freer of horses greek
Hippocampus myth name (a horse of Poseidon) greek
Hippogriff myth name (part horse, part griffen) greek
Hippolytus myth name (son of Theseus) greek
Hippomenes myth name (winner of Atalanta) greek
Hiram exalted hebrew
Hiram Exalted Hebrew
Hiroshi generous japanese
Hirsh deer yiddish
Hisham generosity arabic
Histion myth name english
Hjalmar meaning unknown danish
Hlaford master anglo
Hlaford Master Anglo-Saxon
Hline From the bank English
Hlink From the bank English
Hlinka burns lime czechoslovakian
Hlisa fame anglo
Hlisa Fame Anglo-Saxon
Hlithtun From tbe hillside town English
Hnedy brown czechoslovakian
Ho good chinese
Hobard High or bright German
Hobart High or bright German
Hobart, high, bright german
Hobbard High or bright German
Hoben Chamoru Spanish, "youthful; vigorous." chamoru
Hoc to study vietnamese
Hod vigorous hebrew
Hod Vigorous Hebrew
Hod Hooded English
Hodsone Son of the hooded man English
Hoel father of Isolde arthurian
Hoel meaning unknown celtic
Hoel Father of Isolde Arthurian Legend
Hogan Efik of Nigeria name. Meaning unknown. african
Hogan Youth Surname. Irish
Hoh High German
Hohberht High or bright German
Hohnihohkaiyohos Cheyenne name meaning " high-backed wolf." native
Hohnihohkaiyohos High backed wolf (Cheyenne) Native American
Hoireabard Soldier Irish
Hok’ee Navajo name meaning " abandoned." native
Hok’ee Abandoned (Navajo) Native American
Holbrook from the brook english
Holbrook From the brook English
Holcomb from the deep valley english
Holcomb From the deep valley English
Holden from the hollow in the valley english
Holden From tbe hollow in the valley English
Holdin From tbe hollow in the valley English
Holdyn From tbe hollow in the valley English
Holgar meaning unknown danish
Holic barber czechoslovakian
Hollis lives by the holly trees english
Hollis Lives by the holly trees English
Holman man from the valley. English
Holmes from the river island english
Holmes From the river island English
Holt wood anglo
Holt from the forest english
Holt Wood Anglo-Saxon
Holt By the forest. English
Holter Hunter France
Holwell Lives by the holy spring English
Home From the cave Scottish
Homer security greek
Honani Hopi name meaning " badger." native
Honani Badger (Hopi) Native American
Honaw Hopi name meaning " bear." native
Honaw Bear (Hopi) Native American
Hondo Zezuru of Zimbabwe name meaning "war." african
Hondo war egyptian
Honi gracious hebrew
Honi Gracious Hebrew
Honiahaka Cheyenne name meaning "little wolf." native
Honiahaka Little wolf (Cheyenne) Native American
Honon Miwok name meaning " bear." HONOVI native
Honon Bear (Miwok) Native American
Honorato Honor Spanish
Honovi Strong Native American
Honza gift from God czechoslovakian
Horado Spanish form of Horace timekeeper Spanish
Horatiu timekeeper romanian
Horemheb name of a pharaoh egyptian
Horia meaning unknown romanian
Horton from the gray estate english
Horton From the gray estate English
Horus myth name (god of the sky) egyptian
Hosea salvation hebrew
Hosea Salvation Hebrew
Hotah Sioux name meaning " white." HOTOTO native
Hotah White (Sioux) Native American
Hototo Warrior spirit who sings (Hopi) Native American
Hotuaekhaashtait Cheyenne name meaning " tall bull." native
Hotuaekhaashtait Tall bull (Cheyenne) Native American
Houdain Tristan’s dog arthurian
Houdain Tristan’s dog Arthurian Legend
Houdenc Tristan’s dog Arthurian Legend
Houerv Bitter English
Houghton from the estate on the bluff english
Houghton From the estate on the bluff English
Houston From Hugh’s town. Place-name and surname. American West Texan general Sam Houston. A city in Texas USA. Scottish
Hovan God’s gift armenian
Hovsep Armenian form of Joseph (He adds) armenian
How High German
Howahkan Sioux name meaning " of the mysterious voice." native
Howahkan Of the mysterious voice (Sioux) Native American
Howard chief guardian english
Howard Chief guardian English
Howe high german
Howe High German
Howel killed by Arthur arthurian
Howel Killed by Arthur Arthurian Legend
Howell Eminent; remarkable.Variant, Howel, exists. HU, HUW welsh
Howi Miwok name meaning " turtle-dove." native
Howi Turtle dove (Miwok) Native American
Howie Nichname for Howard noble watchman. English
Howland from the chief’s land english
Howland From the chiefs land English
Hraefnscaga from the raven forest english
Hraefnscaga From the raven forest English
Hrapenly From the shouter’s meadow English
Hring ring english
Hring Ring English
Hristun from the brushwood estate english
Hristun From the brushwood estate English
Hroc crow english
Hroc Crow English
Hrocby from the crow’s estate english
Hrocby From the crow’s estate English
Hrocesburh from the crow’s forest english
Hrocesburh From the crow’s forest English
Hrothgar legend name anglo
Hrothgar Legend name Anglo-Saxon
Hrothrehr Famous ruler Irish
Hrusosky dwells near the pear tree czechoslovakian
Hrycg from the ridge english
Hrycg From the ridge English
Hrychleah from the meadow’s edge english
Hrychleah From the meadow’s edge English
Hrypa the shouter anglo
Hrypa The shouter Anglo-Saxon
Hrypanleah from the shouter’s meadow english
Hrypanleah From the shouter’s meadow English
Hrytherford from the cattle ford english
Hrytherford From the cattle ford English
Hsmilton From the grassy estate English
Hu myth name (a nature god) egyptian
Huarwar myth name (son of Halwn) celtic
Huarwar Mythical son of Halwn Celtic
Hubbard Graceful German
Hubert Bright: intelligent. German
Hud a prophet’s name arabic
Hud hooded english
Hud Hooded English
Hudak blond czechoslovakian
Hudhayfah old Arabic name; meaning unknown arabic
Hudson son of the hooded man english
Hudson Son of the hooded man English
Hueil myth name (son of Caw) celtic
Hueil Mythical son of Caw Celtic
Huemac name of a Toltec king nahuatl
Huey Intelligent English
Hugh intelligent english
Hugh intelligent french
Hugh Intelligent English
Hugh Intelligent French
Hughes Surname. Irish
Hughston “From Hugh:s town, a city in Texas USA” Scottish
Hugi Intelligent English
Hugo Variant of Hugh a thinker. See also Keegan. German
Hugo Intelligent Spanish
Huitzilihuitl pen of a hummingbird nahuatl
Huitzilli hummingbird nahuatl
Hulbard Graceful German
Hulbart Graceful German
Hulbert graceful german
Hulbert Graceful German
Huldiberaht Graceful German
Humam courageous and generous arabic
Humayd Praised Arabic
Humberto Big: bright. German
Humberto Intelligent: Big: bright. Spanish
Hume From the cave Scottish
Humility humble english
Humility Humble English
Humphrey peaceful Hun german
Humphrey Peaceful Hun German
Hunfrid Peaceful Hun German
Hunfried Peaceful Hun German
Hung prosperity; heroic; heroism; strong vietnamese
Hungas One vigor Irish
Hunt hunter english
Hunt Pursuer. Surname. English

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