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Name Meaning Origin
Aahan Dawn / Morning Hindi
Aaric Variant of Aric meaning rule with mercy. English
Aaron high mountain hebrew
Aaron High mountain: Lofty or inspired. In the bible Moses’ brother Aaron was Israel’s first high priest and is remembered for his staff which blossomed miraculously. Popular in English speaking countries since the Protestant Reformation. Hebrew
Aart like an eagle anglo
Aart Like an eagle Anglo-Saxon
Aarush First ray of sun. India
Aashish Blessing. Hindu
Aballach father of Modron arthurian
Aballach Father of Modron Arthurian Legend
Aban old Arabic name; meaning unknown arabic
Abantiades descendant of Abas ABAS,ABASANTIS latin
Abarron Father of a multitude Hebrew
Abasi Swahili name meaning "stern." african
Abasi stern egyptian
Abayomi Of uncertain African origin.Means "born to bring me joy." african
Abayomi brings joy egyptian
Abba father arabic
Abba Father Arabic
Abban abbot ABRACHAM, BRAM irish
Abban Abbot Irish
Abbas lion arabic
Abbas Lion Arabic
Abboid abbey father gaelic
Abbot abbey father english
Abbot father hebrew
Abbot Father Hebrew
Abbot Abbey father English
Abbotson son of Abbot hebrew
Abbotson Son of Abbot Hebrew
Abbott Abbey father English
Abbott Father Hebrew
Abbud worshipper arabic
Abbudin worshippers arabic
Abd al alim Servant of the all knowing Arabic
Abd al bari Servant of Allah Arabic
Abd al hakim Servant of the wise Arabic
Abd al jabbar Servant of the mighty Arabic
Abd al matin Servant of the strong Arabic
Abd al qadir Servant of the capable Arabic
Abd al rashid Servant of the guided Arabic
Abd al sami Servant of the all hearing Arabic
Abd er rahman Servant of the merciful one Arabic
Abda servant arabic
Abdalla Swahili equivalent of Arabic, ABDULLAH, "servant of God." african
Abdalrahman Servant of the merciful one Arabic
Abdel servant arabic
Abdel Servant Arabic
Abdelahi Muslim name, popular in Somalia. Meaning unknown. african
Abderus myth name (a friend of Hercules) greek
Abdi Muslim name, popular in Somalia, meaning "my servant." african
Abdikarim Muslim name, popular in Somalia, meaning "slave of God." african
Abdimelech Name of an Aethiopian eunuch who lived in ancient Rome.Name means "servant to kings." Could be shortened to ABDI or MELECH. african
Abdiraxman Somali equivalent of Muslim, ABD AL RAHMAN, meaning "servant of the Mercifully Gracious." african
Abdul Servant of God Arabic
Abdul, abdel servant of arabic
Abdul- matin servant of the strong one arabic
Abdul- qadir servant of the capable and powerful one arabic
Abdul- rashid servant of the guided one arabic
Abdul- sami servant of the all-hearing arabic
Abdul-alim servant of the omniscient arabic
Abdul-aliyy servant of the most high arabic
Abdul-azim servant of the mighty arabic
Abdul-aziz servant of the powerful one arabic
Abdul-bari servant of the Creator arabic
Abdul-basit servant of the extender arabic
Abdul-fattah servant of the opener of the gates of sustenance arabic
Abdul-ghaffar, abdul-ghaf servant of the forgiver arabic
Abdul-hadi servant of the guide arabic
Abdul-hafiz servant of the protector arabic
Abdul-hakam servant of the arbitrator arabic
Abdul-hakim servant of the wise one arabic
Abdul-halim servant of the mild and patient one arabic
Abdul-hamid servant of the praised one arabic
Abdul-haqq servant of the truth arabic
Abdul-hasib servant of the respected and esteemed one arabic
Abdul-jabbar servant of the mighty arabic
Abdul-jalil servant of the great and revered one arabic
Abdul-karim servant of the noble and generous one arabic
Abdul-khaliq servant of the Creator arabic
Abdul-latif servant of the kind one arabic
Abdul-majid servant of the glorious one arabic
Abdul-malik servant of the master or king arabic
Abdul-mu’izz servant of the giver of might and glory arabic
Abdul-muhaimin servant of the supervisor/guardian/protector arabic
Abdul-mujib servant of the responder arabic
Abdul-muta’al servant of the most high arabic
Abdul-nasir servant of the helper/protector arabic
Abdul-nasser servant of the victorious one arabic
Abdul-qahhar servant of the subduer/almighty arabic
Abdul-quddus servantof the most holy arabic
Abdul-ra’uf servant of the most merciful one arabic
Abdul-rafi servant of the one who raises and elevates the intellect/esteem arabic
Abdul-rahim servant of the most compassionate one arabic
Abdul-rahman servant of the merciful one arabic
Abdul-rahman, abdalrahman servant of the merciful one arabic
Abdul-razzaq servant of the maintainer/provider arabic
Abdul-sabur servant of the patient one arabic
Abdul-salam servant of the peace arabic
Abdul-samad servant of the eternal arabic
Abdul-shakur servant of the most thankful arabic
Abdul-tawwab servant of the forgiver arabic
Abdul-wadud servant of the loving arabic
Abdul-wahhab servant of the giver arabic
Abdul-wahid servant of the one arabic
Abdulla Servant of God. Arabic
Abdullah Servant of God Arabic
Abdullah, abdul servant of God arabic
Abebe Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning "he has flowered/flourished/grown." african
Abel breath hebrew
Abel breath romanian
Abel Biblical name meaning Son or Breath. Abel was the son of Adam and Eve who was killed by his brother Cain in a fit of jealousy. Hebrew
Abelard resolute german
Abelard Resolute German
Abelard,allard,alard resolute ADAL,ADEL teutonic
Abell Exhalation of breath. The second son of Adam in the bible. The variant Able is used as an English surname. Hebrew
Abeodan announce anglo
Abeodan Announce Anglo-Saxon
Aberthol sacrifice AB-OWEN welsh
Aberto Italian form of Albert (noble) italian
Abhainn River Scottish
Abhainn, aibne river ACAIR, AKIR, ACAISEID scottish
Abhaya has no fear indian
Abhimanyu myth name (killed by Lakshmana) indian
Abiah my father is the Lord hebrew
Abida God knows hebrew
Abiel my father is God hebrew
Abijah the Lord is my father hebrew
Abijah The Lord is my father Hebrew
Abimelech my father is king hebrew
Abimelech Father is king Hebrew
Abir strong hebrew
Abir Strong Hebrew
Abir Arabic: The fragrant one. Hebrew: Strong. “Arabic,Hebrew”
Abiram Father of heights Hebrew
Abisha gift of God.Variants include Abijah, and Abishai hebrew
Abisha The Lord is my father Hebrew
Abjaja born of a lotus indian
Able Exhalation of breath. The second son of Adam in the bible. The variant Able is used as an English surname. Hebrew
Ablendan blind anglo
Ablendan Blind Anglo-Saxon
Abner father of light hebrew
Abner Father of light. In the bible King Saul’s cousin and commander of his army. Abner was a valiant warrior and clever strategist. Hebrew
Abooksigun Algonquin name meaning " wildcat." native
Abooksigun Wildcat (Algonquin) Native American
Abracham Irish form of Abraham Irish
Abracomas name of a governor; meaning unknown aramaic
Abrafo Ghanaian name meaning "warrior" or "executioner."It is a nickname for a troublemaker or someone who is hyper. african
Abraha meaning unknown arabic
Abraham father of a multitude.Variants include Avraham, Aram, Abarron, and Avidor hebrew
Abraham Meaniing Father of a multitude Abraham the first of the Old Testament patriarchs. God changed it from Abram when He appointed him to be the father of the Hebrew nation. Hebrew
Abram He who is high is father.Variants include Abe, Abey, Abie, Abramo, Avram, Avrom and Bram hebrew
Abram Exalted father. The biblical patriarch Abraham’s name before God changed it. Hebrew
Abramo Italian form of Abraham (father of many) italian
Abramo Father of a multitude Hebrew
Abran Variant of Abram meaning Exalted father. Spanish
Abrecan storm anglo
Abrecan Storm Anglo-Saxon
Abriell Variant of Gabrielle. Unknown
Absalom father is peace hebrew
Absalom Father of peace. In the bible Absalom son of King David was renowned for handsome appearance and ability to win loyalty and allegiance. Hebrew
Absyrtus myth name (brother of Medea) greek
Abu al khayr one who does good arabic
Abu bakr companion of Muhammad arabic
Abu bakr Companion of Muhammad Arabic
Abubakar noble egyptian
Abukcheech Algonquin name meaning " mouse." native
Abukcheech Mouse (Algonquin) Native American
Abydos from Abydos greek
Acair Anchor Scottish
Acaiseid Anchor Scottish
Acastus myth name (an Argonaut) greek
Accalon lover of Margan le Fay (fifteenth century) arthurian
Accalon Lover of Morgan le Fay Arthurian Legend
Ace unity anglo
Ace Unity Anglo-Saxon
Ace A nickname given to one who excels: also an English surname meaning noble. English
Acel Adherent of a nobleman French
Acennan brings anglo
Acennan Brings Anglo-Saxon
Acestes myth name greek
Acey Unity Anglo-Saxon
Achaius Friend of a horse Scottish
Achak Algonquin name meaning " spirit." native
Achak Spirit (Algonquin) Native American
Acharya spiritual teacher indian
Achates myth name (companion of Aeneas) greek
Achcauhtli unisexual name meaning "leader." nahuatl
Achelous myth name (a river god) greek
Acheron myth name (river of woe) greek
Achilles lipless greek
Achir new indian
Acim "The Lord will judge." hebrew
Acis myth name (lover of Galatea) greek
Acker from the oak tree english
Ackerley from the oak-tree meadow english
Ackerley Dweller at the acre meadow English
Ackerman man of oak english
Ackley Dwells at the oak tree meadow English
Acolmixtli meaning unknown nahuatl
Aconteus myth name greek
Acrisius myth name (grandfather of Perseus) greek
Actassi share the sea chamoru
Acteon myth name (a hunter torn apart by his own dogs) greek
Acwel Kills Anglo-Saxon
Acwellen kills anglo
Acwellen Kills Anglo-Saxon
Adahy Cherokee name meaning " lives in the woods." native
Adahy Lives in the woods (Cherokee) Native American
Adair from the ford by the oak trees celtic
Adair from the oak-tree ford gaelic
Adair From the oak tree ford Scottish
Adair From the ford by the oak trees Celtic
Adal noble german
Adal Noble German
Adalard brave german
Adalard Brave German
Adalbert Intelligent or noble German
Adalgar Noble spearman German
Adalhard Brave German
Adalric Noble friend German
Adalrik Noble friend German
Adalson Son of All English
Adalwen Noble friend German
Adalwin Noble friend German
Adalwine noble friend german
Adalwine Noble friend German
Adalwolf noble wolf german
Adalwolf Noble wolf German
Adam of the red earth english
Adam "Of the red earth." hebrew
Adam From the red earth. In the biblical Genesis account man was created from the red earth of Eden. Hebrew
Adam Of the red earth English
Adamnan name of an abbot anglo
Adamnan Name of an abbot Anglo-Saxon
Adamnan Little Adam Irish
Adamson son of Adam hebrew
Adamson Son of Adam English
Adamson Son of Adam Hebrew
Adan Yoruba of Nigeria name meaning "a large bat."Also, the Spanish equivalent of Adam. african
Adan Variation of Adam From the red earth. Spanish
Adar noble hebrew
Adar Noble Hebrew
Adare From the ford of the oak tree Irish
Addam Variation of Adam . From the red earth. Hebrew
Addaneye Lives on the noble’s island English
Addergoole From between two fords Irish
Addis son of Adam english
Addis Son of Adam English
Addisen child of Adam Unknown
Addison Son of Adam. English
Addney Lives on the noble’s island English
Addo Ghana name meaning "king of the road." african
Addy Ardent English
Ade "Royal one." african
Adeben born twelfth egyptian
Adel just arabic
Adel Noble German
Adelbert bright, noble hungarian
Adelbert Intelligent or noble German
Adelhard Resolute German
Adem earth turkish
Aden Variant of Aiden. Unknown
Adeola rainbow Unknown
Aderet crown hebrew
Aderet Crown Hebrew
Aderrig From the red ford Irish
Adham black arabic
Adhamh Gaelic form of Adam (man of the red earth) gaelic
Adhamh Of the earth Scottish
Adhamh Of the earth Irish
Adharma lawless indian
Adi myth name (a form of Vasishtha) indian
Adi myth name? romanian
Adib polite arabian
Adil judicious arabic
Adil Judicious Arabic
Adin delicate hebrew
Adin Pleasure given. Adin was a biblical exile who returned to Israel from Babylon. Hebrew
Adio righteous egyptian
Adir Noble Hebrew
Adiran from the Adriatic basque
Adisa Ashanti of Ghana name meaning "one who will teach us." african
Aditya sun indian
Aditya The first. Indonesia
Aditya Lord of the Sun Indian
Adiv Delicate Hebrew
Adjatay Cameroon name meaning "prince." african
Adken Oaken English
Adkins son of Aiken english
Adkins Son of Aiken English
Adkyn Oaken English
Adlai witness hebrew
Adlai Witness Hebrew
Adlar eagle german
Adlar Eagle German
Adler An eagle. German
Adley judicious hebrew
Adley Judicious Hebrew
Admetus myth name (a king of Pherae) greek
Adnan meaning unknown arabic
Adnan Pleasure. Arabic
Adne Eagle German
Adney lives on the noble’s island english
Adney Lives on the noble’s island English
Adniel Of God’s flock Hebrew
Adny Lives on the noble’s island English
Adofo Akan of Ghana name meaning "one who loves." african
Adofo fighter egyptian
Adok dark ADOLF polish
Adolf Noble wolf German
Adolfo Noble wolf. German
Adolph Noble wolf German
Adolphus Noble wolf. German
Adolphus, adolph, dolph noble wolf AKE swedish
Adom Akan of Ghana name meaning "help from God" or "God’s blessing." african
Adom receives help from the gods egyptian
Adon the Lord hebrew
Adon The Lord Hebrew
Adonis myth name (lover of Aphrodite) greek
Adonis God of peace and love. African
Adorjan Hungarian form of Adrian (from the Adriatic) hungarian
Adrastus myth name (one of the attackers in "The Seven Against Thebes") greek
Adri rock AGNI hindi
Adriaan Variant of Adrian. From Adria. Dutch
Adrial Greek
Adrian A name used for the nobility class of the Betsileo people of central Madagascar. african
Adrian dark; from Adria romanian
Adrian From Adria.: (Adriatic sea region.) English
Adriano from the Adriatic italian
Adriano dark ALANO spanish
Adriano Dark: Variant of Adrian. From Adria.: (The Adriatic sea region.) Spanish
Adriel of God’s flock hebrew
Adriel From God’s congregation Hebrew
Adrien Variant of Adrian. From Adria.: (Adriatic sea region.) French
Adrion From Adria.: (Adriatic sea region.) English
Adriyel Of God’s flock Hebrew
Adron From Adria.: (Adriatic sea region.) English
Advent Born during Advent French
Adwin Akan of Ghana word meaning "artist" or "thinker." african
Ady ardent english
Aeacus myth name (grandfather of Achilles) greek
Aeary Scholar Irish
Aeccestane Swordsman’s stone English
Aeetes myth name (Medea’s father) greek
Aegelmaere Infamous English
Aegelweard Noble protector English
Aegeus myth name (second husband of Medea) greek
Aegis myth name (shield of Zeus) greek
Aegisthus myth name (cousin of Agamemnon) greek
Aegyptus myth name (father of Danaides) greek
Aeker From the oak tree English
Aekerley From the oak tree meadow English
Aekerman Man of oak English
Aekley From the oak tree meadow English
Aeldra lives at the elder tree english
Aeldra Lives at the elder tree English
Aelfdane Danish elf english
Aelfdane Danish elf English
Aelfdene from the elfin valley english
Aelfdene From the elfin valley English
Aelfraed Sage English
Aelfric Elf ruler English
Aelle name of several kings anglo
Aelle Name of several kings Anglo-Saxon
Aeneas praiseworthy greek
Aenedleah From the awe inspiring one’s meadow English
Aenescumb Lives in the valley of the majestic one English
Aengus Exceptionally strong Celtic
Aengus One vigor Irish
Aengus Unnaturally strong Scottish
Aeolus myth name (god of the winds) greek
Aescby From the ash tree farm English
Aescford Lives by the ash tree ford English
Aescleah Lives in the ash tree grove English
Aesclin Lives at the ash tree pool English
Aesctun From the ash tree farm English
Aesculapius myth name (god of medicine) greek
Aescwine Spear friend English
Aescwyn Spear friend English
Aeshan In Gods grace. Indian
Aesoburne Lives near the ash tree brook English
Aeson myth name (father of Jason) greek
Aethelbald a king of Mercia anglo
Aethelbald A king of Mercia Anglo-Saxon
Aethelbeorht Splendid English
Aethelbeorn Noble warrior English
Aethelberht Noble or bright English
Aethelbert name of a king anglo
Aethelbert Name of a king Anglo-Saxon
Aethelbert Noble or bright English
Aethelfrith name of a king anglo
Aethelfrith Name of a king Anglo-Saxon
Aethelhard Brave English
Aethelhere name of a king anglo
Aethelhere Name of a king Anglo-Saxon
Aethelisdun from the noble’s hill english
Aethelisdun From the noble’s hill English
Aethelmaer Noble or famous English
Aethelmaere Infamous English
Aethelred name of a king anglo
Aethelred Name of a king Anglo-Saxon
Aethelstan Name of a king Anglo-Saxon
Aethelstun From the elfs home English
Aethelweard Noble protector English
Aethelwulf name of a king anglo
Aethelwulf Name of a king Anglo-Saxon
Aetheston From the noble’s hill English
Aethretun Lives at the spring farm English
Afework Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning "one who speaks only of pleasant things; one who does not speak of bad or evil things." african
Afeworki Tigrinya of Ethiopia equivalent of AFEWORK. african
Afif chaste; modest arabic
Afram Akan of Ghana name referring to the Afram River in Ghana’s Ashanti Region. african
Agamedes myth name (murdered by his brother for theft) greek
Agamemnon myth name (leader of the Greek forces against Troy) greek
Agastya name of a wise man indian
Age ancestors AESIR,AEGIR norse
Agenor myth name (son of Poseidon) greek
Ager gatherer basque
Ager gathers hebrew
Ager Gathers Hebrew
Aghaderg From the red ford Irish
Aghamore From the great field Irish
Aghy Friend of horses Irish
Agiefan gives anglo
Agiefan Gives Anglo-Saxon
Agilberht name of a bishop anglo
Agilberht Name of a bishop Anglo-Saxon
Aglaeca fighter anglo
Aglaeca Fighter Anglo-Saxon
Aglaral Brother of Percival Arthurian Legend
Aglarale Brother of Percival Arthurian Legend
Aglaval brother of Percival (fourteenth century) arthurian
Aglaval Brother of Percival Arthurian Legend
Agneya son of Agni indian
Agnimukha face of fire indian
Agoston Hungarian form of Gustaaf (staff of the gods) hungarian
Agramant myth name french
Agravain brother of Gawain (thirteenth century) arthurian
Agravain Brother of Gawain Arthurian Legend
Agrican from the field french
Agrican From the field French
Aguistin Majestic Irish
Agustin Majestic dignity: grandeur. Spanish
Agustine Majestic dignity: grandeur. German
Agyfen Gives Anglo-Saxon
Agymah meaning unknown egyptian
Ahane From the little ford Irish
Ahanu Algonquin name meaning " he laughs." native
Ahanu He laughs (Algonquin) Native American
Ahearn Lord of the horses Irish
Ahearn Lord of the horses Celtic
Aheawan cuts down anglo
Aheawan Cuts down Anglo-Saxon
Ahebban wages war anglo
Ahebban Wages war Anglo-Saxon
Ahern lord of the horses celtic
Ahern owns many horses gaelic
Ahern Lord of the horses Celtic
Ahern Lord of the horses Irish
Ahiga Navajo name meaning " he fights." native
Ahiga He fights (Navajo) Native American
Ahiliya Hopi name.Meaning unknown AHMIK native
Ahmad praiseworthy arabic
Ahmad Much praised. One of many names of the prophet Muhammad. Arabic
Ahmadou West African name.Meaning unknown. african
Ahmar Immortal Sanskrit
Ahmed Much praised. One of many names of the prophet Muhammad. Arabic
Ahmik Beaver Native American
Ahote Hopi name meaning " restless one." native
Ahote Restless one (Hopi) Native American
Ahreddan rescues anglo
Ahreddan Rescues Anglo-Saxon
Ahren Eagle German
Ahriman legend name french
Ahriman myth name (an evil spirit) indian
Ahsalom Father of peace Hebrew
Ahtunowhiho Cheyenne name meaning " one who lives below." AKANDO native
Ahtunowhiho One who lives below (Cheyenne) Native American
Ahuiliztli unisexual name meaning "joy." nahuatl
Ahura mazda wise lord AMIR persian
Ai-wahed the only one arabian
Aibne River Scottish
Aidan "Fire." Name of a saint. anglo
Aidan fire gaelic
Aidan Fiery. Irish
Aidan Name of a saint Anglo-Saxon
Aidan Fire Celtic
Aidan To help. Old French
Aidann Unknown
Aiden Fire Celtic
Aiden Fiery. Irish
Aidrian From the Adriatic Irish
Aiekin Oaken English
Aiken oaken anglo
Aiken oaken english
Aiken Oaken English
Aiken Oaken Anglo-Saxon
Aikin Oaken English

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