Movie Review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: Indiana Jones 4

Here’s a movie review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. What did you think?
As a big fan of the first three Indiana Jones movies, I went to this movie with a measure of anticipation and a bit of skepticism. I fully understand the problem that movie makers face when they attempt to put together sequels to great movies – especially a few years later. The Rocky movies, for instance, were excellent up until the time when a nearly 60-year old Sly Stallone took the stage looking like his face was about to fall off. With all of that said, I think this version of Indiana Jones did about as well as it could have.
I don’t think it’s fair to hold this movie to the same standard as its predecessors, nor do I blame the producers for targeting a different demographic. After all, the 30 and 40-somethings that enjoyed the early part of this four-pack aren’t likely to be shelling out their dollars for dates at the movie theatre like the younger generation did. The movie featured an aged Harrison Ford, a typical plot, and some very predictable special effects. That’s not to say it was done poorly. It was actually great, except that it was very predictable.
This movie was driven, for the most part, by the return of Harrison Ford to his old self. Though he made his name as the unbreakable, unbeatable action star of our dreams, he had strayed from that slightly over the last decade. Back in his role is Indy, Ford was back in his element. The directors appropriately put Ford through the trials early in the movie and he shines throughout. He appears to be the same Ford who was able to so seamlessly navigate the tombs in Raiders of the Lost Ark, which still remains the best and most unbreakable of the four movies. Like with the earlier of these George Lucas films, Ford is the star in a number of over-the-top, larger than life action sequences. Those scenes remind the viewer of why we fell in love with the first three movies.
The movie ultimately succeeded by staying true to form and sticking to the Indiana Jones playbook. There is everything you might expect, from the melting skin to the wonderfully creepy crawlers that appear in all of the films. This movie allows movie goers to indulge themselves in the old Indiana Jones tradition. It’s a story of a larger than life character who combines brain and brawn, all while living forever.

There are free downloads of the Indiana Jones Crystal Skull movie online, and free streaming video, but nothing replaces being in the theatre, seeing it huge on the screen (or at least on a big screen tv).


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