Kung Fu Panda Movie Trailer and review

Here is the Kung Fu Panda movie trailer teaser. But first a quick synopsis about the movie and a predicted review. 

In this CGI animated feature, Jack Black plays Po, a panda who works at his family’s noodle shop but dreams of being a Kung Fu master.  He is one day called on to fulfill an ancient prophecy, and must study and learn Kung Fu along side the great masters of his day.  In the end he must try to save them all. Will he succeed, or will everyone get killed thereby ruining the possibility of a sequel?  The suspense is killing us.  Our prediction is that the movie will lean heavily on the stupid side, great for kids, but not enough underlying humor for adults. For some reason they didn’t let Jack Black really rip into his trade mark free lance crazy but contagious improving… He did some, but not as much as expected…  All in all, it will be a success, but it won’t quite fire on the adult cylinders… 

As soon as the movies out, we’ll have a review for it.  Here’s the teaser.

Movie trailer for KungFu Panda, starring Jack Black

[youtube GEgk9XsFCR0 nolink]


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