Movie Quotes from You Only Live Once: Quotes from the movie You Only Live Once

Anywhere’s our home.

Every man, at birth, is endowed with the nobility of a king. The strain of the world soon makes him forget even his birthright. Perhaps, that’s why they invented death. Just to give us another chance at remembering who we were before we are born again.

Get a big kick out of it! It’s fun to see an innocent man die, isn’t it?

They made me a murderer…I’m through.

They’ve been blamed for every crime committed in the country.

We all see with the same pair of eyes, but we don’t see the same things.

We all see with the same pair of eyes, butr we don’t see the same things.

You’re not helping Jo by trying to keep this case alive. You know as well as I do that Eddie Taylor’s been pounding on the door of the execution chamber since he was born.

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