Movie Quotes from You Got Served: Quotes from the movie You Got Served

*Tonight then baby boy? *Yeah tonight, and I ain’t your baby boy!

*you suckas just make sure you be there! *Yeah, we’ll see who the sucka is!

Anything hot and chocolate you know you cant go wrong

Because today, you suckahs got served

chatter chatter, chitt chitt

dj, drop it like its hot

i cant believe elgin put his hands on you i would’ve took off my shoe and done damage

it ain’t the same when ones not in the game

let me tell you something my father told me, if you don’t kill it make you stronger

no rules? hell no just to the damn thing

yallz just mad cuz today ya sucakz got SERVED

You are rapper say: Omarion

you dont know now, but you gonna find out

You know how I like it,straight street… all hood

You know wat they say, hot chocolatey make the pain go away

You know what they say…. Hot chocolata make the pain go away!

you take you, you take your lil crew and you geta practising

you think your funny, but you won’t be when we get on the floor

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘You Got Served’: Quotes from the movie ‘You Got Served’

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