Movie Quotes from Yakuza, The: Quotes from the movie Yakuza, The

–I can’t ask you to do that!
–You already have.

–What have you been doing?–Oh, quite a few things…Police work, private investigations, real estate, investments, you know.

–You’ve been successful?
–That depends on how you figure those things.

Dusty came along to hold my hand, make sure I don’t get run over by a Honda.

Fuck the other clans.

Hi. I’m Harry Kilmer. Friend of George’s. Ask me to stop by.

I am no longer yakuza.

I have an obligation to you I can never repay.

I teach Japanese American history, he’s out there making it.

If a yakuza commits a great offense or breaks his word to his oyabun, his boss, an offense so great that it demands his life to be taken, then the only way that he can atone for his crime is by offering his finger as a symbol of repentance.

It involves a debt I owe someone.

It’s called ‘the burden hardest to bear.’

It’s still Japan, and the Japanese are still Japanese.

Ken is a relic, a leftover of another age, of another country.

No man has a greater friend.

That a man pays his own debts, discharges his own obligations, that they are all that makes him a man.

What’s the hell’s a few years at our age?

Yakuza gangsters have a ritual in which they sometimes cut off their little finger.

You owe him something you can never pay.

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