Movie Quotes from Xanadu: Quotes from the movie Xanadu

1) Hey wait a minute.. I don’t even know your name.. 2) Kira (echo’s through the room)

1) I’d say it will probably be done.. when its done.. but thats just my guess 2) Five minutes my office.. if its Six Keep walking..

1: Are you living with someone?
2: Yes. I’m living with my sisters. I told you that!

Bandstands went out with running boards

HERA: Maybe just one moment, darling.
ZEUS: Well, maybe just one moment. Or forever. I keep getting them mixed up, too.

I don’t have to pretend. It is 1945 all over again

I spend my whole life painting what other people want me to paint, I paint his car, someone else’s mural, simpsons album covers..

lets see whats first on the agenda

Malone and MacGuire…sounds like a vaudeville act….

muse(3), function: noun, Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin Musa, from Greek Mousa, 1 capitalized: Any of the nine sister goddesses in Greek mythology presiding over song and poetry and the arts and sciences. And do you believe me now Sonny?

No questions, no lies. No truth either…

Nobody’s ever been taken out of here….not in the history of…the whole history!


They sure don’t make rocks like they used to!

Tuesday’s Wednesday.

What do you mean she doesnt exsist? Im looking right at her she’s on the nine sisters album.

Whenever you’re away from me, wherever you go, you’re never far away from me. I want you to know I only have to close my eyes, dear, and suddenly I’m where you are. You better never stray cuz I’ll never be far away.

Whenever you’re away from me.


Your a real Errol Flinn Kid.. what else do you do?

Your right.. its too coincidental.. someone must be setting us up…

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