Movie Quotes from X2: Quotes from the movie X2

too much iron in your blood

!! #2) I can’t.

(Kid:)Couldn’t sleep? (W:)How could ya tell? (Kid:)Your’e awake. (W:)Oh, yeah

(M) I’m sorry.(C) Eric, what did you tell him?(M) Everything.

1) Bottoms up! 2) I hope so…!

1) Is it true that you can imitate anyone, even their voices? 2) Even their voices.

1) it won’t work the professor already tried. 2) Once again thinking everything’s all about you.

1) She’s good.
2) You have no idea!

1) There’s something different about you MR. Delorian 2)Yeah, I was having a good day. 1) no… No it’s not that!

1) Your bike needs gas.
2) Fill it!

1)Is there any beer?
2)This is a school.
1)I guess thats a no.

1)My tolerance of you smoking within the mansion notwithstanding; continue smoking that in here, and you will spend the rest of your life believing you are a six-year-old girl.
2)You would do that?
1)I would have Jean braid your hair.

1)So what are you professor of?

1)What exactly are you a professor of?

1- So they say you’re the bad guy. 2- Is that what they say?

1-You got any beer? 2-This is a school. 1-So that’s a NO?

1-You guys got any beer? 2-This is a school 1-So that’s a no?

1/ They say you’re the bad guy
2/ Is that what they say?

1. What’s your name? 2. John. 1. What’s your real name?

cyclops: no, we’re not leaving. lower the ramp! storm:i can’t she’s controlling the jet!
wolverine to nightcrawler:you, get her(jean grey)! nightcrawler: she’s not letting me!

cyclops: no, we’re not leaving. lower the ramp! storm:i can’t she’s controlling the jet! wolverine to nightcrawler:you, get her(jean grey)! nightcrawler: she’s not letting me!

striker:kill anyone who approaches, even if it’s me

Collosus: i can help you!
Wolverine: help them!

Colossus: you are not going out of my site this time
Linsy: look, I don’t know how many’s down there but i wanna find out and if you dont come after me i might die!

Don’t we have any weapons in this heap?

Eric what have you done?


Girls fight with the dangerous type logan, they dont marry them. They marry the good guy.

Have you ever try not being a mutant

Holy shit.

I can’t create fire, only manipulate it.

I do not fear them I pity them. You know why? Some people will never know beyond what they can see with their own eye

I don’t like incomfortable silences. (Really loud music) (John hits a button, Music goes off, and cell phone pops out.) I don’t think that’s the CD player.

I used to think you were unique, Wolverine …. I was wrong

ich bin ein bote des teufels! ich bin die ausgebert des bosen! ich bin ein daemon!

In the Munich Circus, I was known as the amazing Nightcrawler.

In the Munich Circus, they called me the Incredible Nightcrawler

J) Did you do these yourself? (N)Yes… (S) How many do you have? (N)One for every sin, so, quite a few.

Jean: Are you bored yet?
Storm: Oh yeah

Jerk 1: Why can’t you just give me a light? Why are you being such a dick? Jerk 2: Yeah, why are you being such a dick? Pyro: Because I can.

John: I don’t like comfortable silences. [leans over Logan to radio]
Logan: What are you doing?
[John flips on radio, an N*Sync song plays]
Logan, John, Bobby, and Rogue: Ohhh, come on!

Kurt: Guten tag.
Logan: Who the hell are you? Who the hell is this?
Kurt: Kurt Wagner. But in the Munich Circus, I was known as the Incredible Nightcrawler!
Logan: Yeahhh, save it.

Logan: Got any beer?
Bobby: This is a school.
Logan: So that’s a no?
Bobby: Yeah, that’s a no.
Logan: Well have you got anything other than chocolate milk?

Logan: you cut me open! YOU TOOK MY LIFE!
Stryker: if i recall wolverine you were the one who vollunteered for the proceedure. you were always an animal wolverine, i just gave you claws.

Mr. Drake: What exactly are you professor of, Professor Logan?
Logan: …Art.

Mrs. Madeline Drake: Oh my God, this is all my fault.
Pyro: Actually the mutant genes are carried by males, so it’s his fault!

Mutants. Since the discovery of their existence, they have been regarded with fear, suspicion, and often hatred. Across the planet, debate rages: are mutants the next link in the evolutionary chain…or simply a new species of humanity, fighting for their share of the world? Either way, one fact has been historically proven: sharing the world has never been humanity’s defining attribute.

Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.

My name is Kurt Wagner; but in the Munich Circus, I was known as The Amazing Nightcrawler!

Never trust a beautiful woman, especially if she’s interested in you.

next time you feel like showing of….don’t.

Next time you want to show off. . . don’t.

PADME, thats from the FIRST MOVIE.

person 1: if you be other people why don’t you just stay like them?
person 2: because we shouldn’t have to

Police man: Put the knives down and get on the ground.
Logan: I can’t.

President McKenna: How did you get this?
Professor X: Let’s just say I know a little girl who can walk through walls.

Pyro(flicking his lighter): So, they say you’re the bad guy.
Magneto: Is that what they say?
Pyro: That’s a dorky lookin’ helmet. What’s it for?
Magneto: This dorky lookin’ helmet is the only thing that’s going to protect me from the real bad guys.
*Magneto snatchs Pyro’s lighter*
Magneto: …What’s your name?
Pyro: John.
Magneto: What’s your real name John?
*Pyro snatchs the flame from the lighter*
Pyro: Pyro.
Magneto: Quite a talent you have there Pyro.
Pyro: I can only manipulate the fire, I can’t create it.
Magento: You are a god among insects, never let anyone tell you different.
*Magneto hands Pyro back his lighter*

Rogue: This is Bobby, m–
Iceman: I’m her boyfriend.
Wolverine: Boyfriend? So how do you guys…
Iceman: We’re working on it.

Rogue: Your dead your so dead! Bobby: No your dead! Rouge: I don’t want to hurt you. Bobby: I am not afraid. Motorbike engine in the background Rouge: Logans back!

S) I have faith in you!

S) Well, sometimes anger helps you get through life. N) So does faith.

Senator Kelley, I was fightin’ in the fields of Vietnam while you were still suckin’ on your mama’s tit at Woodstock!

Sharing the world in not humanities finest moment

Someone so beatiful should not be so angry

Storm:I have faith in you.

Storm:Someone’s angry Logan:Yeah, I wonder why.

The next time you feel like showing off, don’t

The tricky thing about adamantium is, that if you ever manage to process it’s raw, liquid form, you got to keep it that way. Keep it hot. Because once the metal cools, it’s indestructible, but you already know that. I used to think you were one of a kind Wolverine…I was wrong.

Storm:you ever seen what happens to a toad that is struck bye lightning’
( looks upat the lighitng striking the top of the statue of libery)

(Toads looks at her weird.. and she looks back down at him)

Storm: the same thing that happens to everything else
(blasts toad and he goes flying of thestatue of liberty lighitng runing thru he’s body. and falls in the water)

W) So how we doing? J) Well, the thrusters are shot, it might take us a while to get them back online. W) Thats not what I meant.

We love what you’ve done with your hair.

When will these people learn how to fly?!

women flirt with the bad guys and marry the good ones

Wrap up warm. Its about to get very cold in here.

Wrong house,bub

Xavier: Logan, my tolerance for your smoking in the mansion not withstanding, continue smoking that in here and you will spend the rest of your days under the impression that you are a six-year-old girl.
Logan: …You’d do that?
Xavier: I’d have Jean braid your hair.

You are a God among insects, don’t let anyone tell you different.

You are a god among insects.

You got anything to drink around here besides chocolate milk?

You have 10 seconds to comply. Uh-oh, they’re marking us. and they’re gonna fire.

You know all those bad mutants you hear about on the news….I’m the worst one

You know all those dangerous mutants you hear about on the news? I’m the worst one!

you should of killed me when you had the chance!

You wanna shoot me? SHOOT ME!

You wanna Shoot me? SHOOT ME!

you wanna shoot me? then SHOOT ME!

[Logan puts out his claws]
Police Officer: Put down the knives and no one gets hurt!
[Logan ignores him]
Police Officer: Put down the knives!
Logan: I CAN’T.

[While being chased in a plane]
Storm: I’ve gotta shake ’em! [Flips plane]
John: Please don’t do that again.
Logan: I agree.

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