Movie Quotes from Woo: Quotes from the movie Woo

-Didn;t our people work hard enough in the FIELDS to deserve a decent meal?

-Lenny…what is a chicken hoe?

-Well as you can see, we’re full. -Oh I see, you’re full tonight so you seat the black people at the punk table.

-Well I can see that you are honey…and I want you to tell me all about it, just as soon as you buy me a drink. Hehe. BARTENDER! We’ll have 2 champignes and whatever he’s gonna have. -We don’t have any champigne, we have mineral water and melted ice. -You tellin me you ain’t got no liquor? -ARE YOU DEAF?

-Yea but look at her feet, girl must be at least a 10. -Yea but you know what they say about girls with big feet. -Wrong gender Hide.

-You wear Red Velvet? -It’s a very popular fragrence. -My cousin wore Red Velvet. -SO? -My cousin is a construction worker and one day he was under one of those things that drive the dirt into the ground… -Oh a pile driver! -Yea, a pile driver, they struck WATER trying to get him out of there!

Would you like a bite? Lemon mirange MANGOO! would you like a better view?? —I thought she looked familiar.

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