Movie Quotes from Wolfen: Quotes from the movie Wolfen

1/_ He killed an *apple*
2/_ What’s an *apple*??
1/_ A conservative indian…. red on the outside, white on the inside

1/_Can you train a wolf?…..
2/_….Then it wouldn’t be a wolf

I can drink like a fish, fuck like a bunny and I can *shift* with the best of them

In arrogance, Man knows nothing of what exists. There exists on Earth life suchas we dare not imagine. Life that is as certain as our death. Life that will prey on us as we prey on this earth.

In their eyes, you are the savage.

It’s very weird and it’s very strange…. just like you

Man kills for less. But in the end, it is all for the hunting ground.

Nature works… we don’t, the basic unit’s flawed

They kill to survive. They kill to protect.

With all the psychos running around New York, you’re trying to pin the rap on an endangered species?

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