Movie Quotes from Witches, The: Quotes from the movie Witches, The

Grand High Witch:
A witch who dares to say I’m wrong…
Will not be with us VERY LONG!

It’s brilliant!!!

vitches of inkland, you’re a discrace, misrable witches you’re good for nothing vurms.


Vitches(witches) of Inkland(England), you’re a discrase! Miserable vitches(witches)! You’re good for nothing vorms(worms)! Everyvere(everywhere) I look, I see hundreds! Thousands of revulting little children! I ask you, why?

What does it do?…..Genious One!?

Who spoke? who dares to argue with me? it was you (points to a witch) YOU DARE TO ARGUE WITH ME?!

Wiches of England. You’re disgraced. Miserable witches. You good for nothing worms. Everywhere I look, I see the repulsive sight of hundreds, thousands of revolting little children. I ask you: Why? One child a week is no good to me!

Witch in Black: What a magnificent tree house. Did you build it yourself?
Luke: My dad and I did.
WIM: I’ve got something for you here. Something I think you’ll like.
Luke: (Gasp!)
WIM: Come down and I’ll show it to you.
L: No
WIM: What?
L: No thank you very much.
WIM: It’s worth a lot of money
L: this is private property
WIM: there’s nothing to be frightened of, I just wanted to give you this. I found him on my walk. He’s quite harmless, see? Little boys love snakes.
L: Grandma! GRANDMA!
WIM: They wiggle away quickly. unless you tell them not to.

Witch in black:…I hear it’s a five course meal…
Witch in orange:…oh good! I’m rather hungry!

witches of england!

You may remoof your shoes, You may remoof your vigs.

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