Movie Quotes from Windtalkers: Quotes from the movie Windtalkers

1. I can’t believe it, you teaching people about Custer and the Little Big Horn. 2. Did you ever think about Kit Carson and what he did to my people? I didn’t think so.

1. I thought he was a Jap, killed some Marine for that uniform! He looks like a Jap, don’t he? 2. I’m no damn Injun, I’m Navajo, of the bitter water people, son of the towering house clan.

1. You’re a mess, Joe, why do you do this to yourself? 2. (points to legless soldier) HE’S a mess, Rita, I’m improving every day.

Cease fire, you’re shelling Marines!

Do you see ghosts?


Hail Mary mother guh gawd, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death

i do look like a nip, dont i?

I’m a good fucking marine. That’s why they gave me this detail.

Is it English? It sounds like they’re talking underwater.

Next time you want to take a bath, you let me know, Private, or I’LL kick your ass!

No one else is going to die, Ben.

We have orders! They told us to hold our position!

What a magical heap of Navajo horseshit!

Yes, i’m a good fuckin Marine!

You Codetalkers are important, that’s why they stuck me on your ass.
But nobody’s as important as the code. Japanese got hold of a Codetalker, Codetalker talks, code’s useless. I didn’t have a choice.
My order’s to protect the code.

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