Movie Quotes from Wilder Napalm: Quotes from the movie Wilder Napalm

(1) Where’s Vida?
(2) Actually, she’s over at the hospital being treated for thigh chafe. Once you’re had a clown, you never go back.

A fate worse than death, proclaims my brother . . . the clown.

Don’t give me that sanctimonious sh**! It’s over, because you say it’s over?! You don’t get it do you? You passive aggressive piss-ant! You are not wiping away 32 years of making me feel like a piece of crap, simply because you choose not to fight!

Go drop your pants and chase a doughnut, you and your single-helix friends.

I was putting out a little sex fire you two started!

We were about to do something they haven’t even invented a word for yet!

Why, we’re just one big ol’ thermonuclear family, Wilder!

Wilder, come out and fight like the freak of nature you are!

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