Movie Quotes from Wildcats: Quotes from the movie Wildcats

(1) did you ask your uncle before you took his car? (2) Hey he let’s me drive it anytime I want. (1) Then why did you had to hot wire it?!

(1) Mommy, I can feel the rotation in the air (2) You’re plastered, Alice.

* sings *…. It’s the sport of kings, it’s better than diamond rings, it’s better than anything…!

–Don’t worry, baby, this is my uncle’s car. He lets me borrow it whenever I want.
–Oh, yeah, then why did you have to hot wire it?!

1) I’m looking for Lavender Williams… 2) I’m Lavender Williams 3) No, I’m Lavender Williams…

1) My god Molly, what happened to your eye? 2) Cheap mascara

1) Search his jock! 2) I’m not searching his jock 3) Then you’re off the team! 4) I’m a senior, no problem

down 24, down 24, your mother’s a whore!

Frank, slow down…..Frank, you’re going to get a ticket and ruined your perfect driving record!

He tried to make me give up the one thing that made me feel good about myself, so I called him a mother-fucker…which…which…is…linguistically correct, becuase I’m a mother and he….used to…

I even quit when I’m trying to quit.

i was the one who took care of marian when she had the croop i was the one who the blew up the house full of ballons on your daughters fourth birthday when you couldn’t find a time to show up at.
So don’t tell me i lost my grip on reality i can’t lose my grip of reality i am submerged up to here in reality.
Would you stop being such a menace for godsakes.
Oh i swear if you fight this agaisnt me i’d punch your face in.
i’d do it for ten bucks
You just keep your fat face out of this…
no charge

its the sport of kings….better than diamond rings

U-G-L-Y, you ain’t got no alibi ! You ugly! Yeah, Yeah ! You Ugly! Yo momma said you ugly, HEY!

Yeah well, the trouble with killing him is it’ll go down on your permenant record and follow you around for the rest of your life.

You Pussys! And you owe me a new watch!

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