Movie Quotes from Wild Geese, The: Quotes from the movie Wild Geese, The

–We’re dead!
–Esposito, you’re not dead until I tell you you’re dead.

Alan go ‘n see how the men are. Tell them to jettison everything thats not nailed down do it, Alan.

Any man here steps out of line and I will kill him stone dead. It will not worry me in the slightest. There are no Queen’s Regulations here. So, when I say jump – you ask how high. Do I make myself clear? I want to hear it! Do I make myself clear?

Best news i’ve heard since i threw up my lunch.

Come on you beauties!

Get up Lieutenant Finn, Sir, beofre i kick your head in!

He’s just a snot-nosed kid, his old man did something very special back in the states.

I Love what i do, believe it or not, Colonel. I also love those grubby , thick-headed men i trained, you most of all, and expect to be with them, and with you because i’m needed. And if you want to see a real revolution, try and stop me. Sir!

I suppose a transfer to the Cavalry is out of the question, Sargeant Major?

I’m going back to my unspeakable hotel.

I’m not on any bloody crusade

I’m not on any bloody crusade!

If anybody tried to convince me that i was still alive, i would hardly believe it.

Some of you know me already. Those of you who don’t, are in for a great big fucking surprise. Those of you who do, can expect an infinitely more horrible time than you care to remember.

That was ludicrous! You’re jumping from an aeroplane, not a whorehouse window. Do it again.

There is a clause in all my contracts, that my liver is to be buried separately, and, with honors.

Well we’ve got no bloody place to run to, so why not stand and fight? And for a cause, for two causes, one, Lembani, he’s the best there is, words form your own lips. And two, Matheson.

Whittie you screaming Faggot. Move it before i sew up your asshole!

Who do you think you are William Tell?

You know Rayford, sometimes its almost a pleasure knowing you. Lets do it.

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