Movie Quotes from Wild at Heart: Quotes from the movie Wild at Heart

–That Johnnie is one clever detective. You know how clever?
–How clever?
–He told me once he could find an honest man in Washington.

…say fuck me…fuck me…say it…fuck me…

1)Did Lula tell you she was pregnant? 2)Naw,(laughing)just guessing is all!

Goin buffalo hunting?
What the FUCK does that mean?!

I have a boner with a capital O.

It’s a symbol of my individuality and my belief of personal freedom.

It’s too bad we couldn’t visit the Wizard of Oz toget good advice.

My dog….barks….sometimes!

One thing’s for sure…there sure are a lot of bad ideas floatin’ around out there.

One-eyed Jack wants to go a-peekin’ in a seafood store!

that’s rockin good news baby!

This whole world is wild at heart and weird on top.

You got me hotter’n Georgia Asphalt!

You move me, Sail, you really do. You mark me to the deepest.

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