Movie Quotes from Whoopee Boys, The: Quotes from the movie Whoopee Boys, The

#1- You need Hemely Post. #2- Hemely Post? #1 ya, you know the manners chick. I’ll even go with you, and I don’t need no f**kin’ manners (BELCH!!)

…meant that I have an attitude problem, I do not have an attitude problem, so don’t fuck with me! Excuse me lady I don’t think you have ever been fuck…with.

1) Como esta usted 2) Perry Como’s dead?

1) Who are you? 2) I’m Humping, the Butler 1) Who’s fucking the maid?

1)…but you can call me the lion of Cashmere. In my country we have saying, if you can not render the goose you must stroke the goat. 2)Hay, this is America, we do not have any goat stroking you sheet wearing faget

1. My name is Shelley. And I just spent 15 years in prision. 2. Oh, yeah? What were you in for? 3. They said I killed my parents and my little brother Joey with an axe. 4. That’s awful. You must have been innocent. 5. Yeah, maybe I was.

Amadeus Amadeus, rock me Amadeus, Now you try… Amadeus Amadeus, rock me Amadeus.

Congratulations on the birth of your son, I hope it does not affect the size of you humangus breasts

Congratulations on the wedding of your daugter, it must be a releave to have the bitch off your hands, hu?

Ghandi, what a movie? they defeated like the whole brittish army with like a million seven eleven workers

Hey lady what happend to your dog it looks like it has a flat!

Hi, my name is Eddie. Eddie Lipshitz.

I am glad to hear you only gave me the crabs, nowa days it is a releave to meat a girl with curable deseases

I don’t know whether to eat you or fuck you!

I don’t know whether to eat you or to fuck you. (Said to a stuffed pig on a silver platter.)

I told you not to come to my neighbourhood anymore, I am going to cutt your ball out!…Do fish have balls?

Jesus, lady! What underarms!

Phelps? No, I’m Humping the Butler. Who’s fucking the maid?

Shitlips my friend.

This is an excellent white wine!

This wine is Free!

Tiger that does not ram the goose, must stroke the goat

You should get a dog. They are mans best friend. The first they they do is come and put their nose in your crotch. How much friendlier can you get?

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