Movie Quotes from White Nights: Quotes from the movie White Nights

–You used to be Russian.
–I’m still Russian. I’m just not Soviet.

Every time I’m in New York – doesn’t matter how many years go by – I just get edgy.

I serve the Soviet Union.

I used to feel the way you do about America. I was a patriot – the greatest country in the world. I was also a tap dancer, which, for a black person, is not that unusual. I mean, I don’t know whether you know this, Nick – do you mind if I call you Nick? Most black people in America can tap. I don’t know. It’s just a thing – you’re born, you’re black, you can tap. Don’t get me wrong – I love to dance, love to dance. And I got work! I was cute – cute little colored kid. They called us colored in those days. Cute little colored kid, tappin’ away. Ah, I was a real novelty. Yeah. Of course, by the time I grew up, it was a different story. He’s an adult black man now. He’s not so cute. Give him a broom!

Rubles, sweet sweet rubles

Say you, say me.

The rich don’t patronize tap…Nick. So, I’m eighteen and I can’t get a job. Cannot get a gig. My mother says, she says – Raymond, don’t worry. This is your year. Somethin’ good’s coming. She was right. She was right. Uncle Sam! Yeah, Uncle Sam wanted me – he wanted the whole ghetto. He said – I want all y’all! Get over in here! I said – ma, this is it. This is it. I’m gonna get myself a real career. I’m gonna get involved in electronics, become a communicaitons expert. Yeah. Defend my country against Communism. Where the… But when they made me the offer, nobody said – You’re gonna become a murderer. You’re gonna become a – a rapist. You’re gonna maim and…and…and rob people. I kept saying to myself – this war’s gotta be about something. Can’t just be hired killers. You know, it’s not possible. We’re American! There’s a little voice inside my head that says – Ray, you’re being used. They’re trying to kill you. They don’t even think you’re human, and they want you to die for ’em, make them richer. It was all very clear.

The world will demand that you hand me over.

What the hell you know about America anyway, man? You ever been to Harlem? Huh? Like on your way to an airport of something? You ever look inside? You ever dance at the Apollo? Huh? You go on your tippy toes to the White House.

What you call yourself is no concern to us.

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