Movie Quotes from White Heat: Quotes from the movie White Heat

–I look good in a mink coat, honey.
–You look good in a shower curtain.

A copper? A copper, how do you like that, boys?

All I ever had was Ma.

Always ‘somebody tipped them off.’ Never ‘the cops are smart.’

Ask him how my mother is.

Cody Jarrett. He finally got to the top of the world, and it blew right up in his face.

College degree, lovable personality, and I spend most of my time in prison.

Come and get me!


Don’t know what I’d do without ya, Ma.

Forget it, Parker, accidents will happen.

I was gonna split 50/50 with a copper!

if you die i wil kill you

It’s like having a red hot buzz saw inside my head.

Made it Ma! Top of the world!

Next time bring the gun.

Stuffy, huh? I’ll give it some air.

They think they’ve got Cody Jarrett. But they haven’t got Cody Jarrett. Ya hear? They haven’t got him.

Top o’ the world ma….top o’ the world

Top of the world, son.

What da want…a medal?

You don’t know who Cody Jarrett is?

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