Movie Quotes from Whipped: Quotes from the movie Whipped

(in response to having someone special in his life)… NO, I’m married.

1: She had the whole package.
2: She had a cock?

Brad, Get off the babysitter!

Did you stuff her?

Every girl has a friend named Jen.

Everyone fucks everyone in the end, it’s the nature of the beast.

I call it… sturbing.

I can provide a woman with pretty much anything she needs… Sausage included.

It’s kinda like ass kissin… pun intended.

Oh yea? who’d you score? Or did you spend another weekend tuggin root

She smoked me.

Sturbing is the word I use. I’m comfortable with sturbing.

That chick could suck a taxi driver through immigration.

Who are these beautiful mommies?

Who was your date THIS week? Lubridina? Vasolina?

WHO’S YOUR DADDY? WHO’S YOUR DADDY?? That’s the only thing he ever asked me about myself

You gotta get her number and go to her place, homeless guys got it fuckin made.

You mean, Hoover Hannah? She gave hime the 5 hour blow job.

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