Movie Quotes from Which Way Is Up?: Quotes from the movie Which Way Is Up?

(Leroy)Could you help me out, baby? Could you help me out? (Annie Mae)What do you want me to do? (Leroy)Uncross your ankles!

(Leroy)He’s got a helluva set of nuts on him!

(Leroy)I hope our kids don’t turn out like him. (Pop)I heard what you said. Nigger, you got to get some pussy before you can have kids!

(Leroy)I think I broke my arm. (Vanetta)Don’t flatter yourself! If anything’s broken, I broke it!

(Leroy)Spread your legs, bitch!

(Reverend)Now sit down before I lay this glove on your ass!

I’ma tell you anotha thang. Sombody stole my piece of chicken. And I hopes they choke on the Goddamn bone!!!

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