Movie Quotes from Where the Buffalo Roam: Quotes from the movie Where the Buffalo Roam

As your attorney, I advise you to leave now.

Donte blood? I’m actually here to collect blood. It’s o.k., I’m a doctor. You’re moving…see now I missed. I’m a little cowgirl…dabbba dabba…kiss and make better.

Forecast is for bad craziness.

Get the God Damn tap off the phone!!!

Hay Gang. What’s the cannon for?

Let me ask you a question, sir. What is the country doing for the doomed?

You couldn’t invent someone like Carl Lazlo. He was a… he was one of a kind. He was a mutant. A real heavyweight water buffalo type… who could chew his way through a concrete wall and spit out the other side covered with lime and chalk and look good in doing it.

Page Topic: Movie Quotes from ‘Where the Buffalo Roam’: Quotes from the movie ‘Where the Buffalo Roam’

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