Movie Quotes from Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael: Quotes from the movie Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael

(Dinky’s pig is eating out of another animal’s bowl.)
Dinky: Dave… Dave… Dave, don’t be such a cliche! Dave, try and be a cut above! Show some manners! Now, let’s all try and have a nice family meal.

Oh Dave, don’t be such a cliche’.

Denton: God, these are ugly flowers.

Dinky (reading her poem): From a deep immaculate kiss, she spread her two ripe dripping limbs, and then I happened.

Teacher: I beg your pardon?

Dinky: And the moon throbbed and fought with an angry sun all that day and all that night until it forced me out.

Teacher: Dinky!

Dinky: Now I scald here…alone. Touch me…with your white words and your dead hands…now, before I freeze…

Teacher: That’ll be enough!

Dinky: …and become one of you.

Teacher: DINKY!

Dinky: You interrupted me!

Dinky: I’m gonna kiss you now, Gerald.

Gerald: I wanna kiss you so bad right now, Dinky.
Dinky: It’s good to want things.

Here in Clyde we honour the living and the dead, especially if we haven’t seen them in fifteen years.

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