Movie Quotes from WarGames: Quotes from the movie WarGames

(1) Alright Lightman, maybe you could tell us who first suggested the idea of reproduction without sex.
(2) Umm, your wife?

(1) This corn is raw!
(2)I know, isn’t it wonderful? It’s so crisp.
(1) Of course it’s crisp, it’s raw!

–Don’t touch the keys! –I’m not touching the keys.

1)What is the primary goal?
2) To win the game.


After very careful consideration sir I’ve come to the conclusion that your system sucks.

Does your little friend want to stay for supper? Little friend?….please!

Entering launch code.

Get me the president on the horn.

Get on to SAC, tell them to flush the bombers.

Get the I.C.B.M.’s in the bullpen warmed up and ready to fly.

Goddammit, I’d piss on a sparkplug if I thought it’d do any good!

greetings, professor falken

Greetings, professor Falken.

He does fit the profile perfectly. He’s intelligent, but an underachiever, alienated from his parents, has few friends. Classic
case for the Soviets.

Hell, I’d piss on a spark plug if I thought it would help.

Hold the doors… HOLD THE GOD DAMN DOORS!

How about a nice game of chess?

I can’t swim.

I want someone on the god dam phone before i kill 20 million people.

is this a game or is it real? what’s the difference?

John, good to see you. I see your wife still picks out your ties

Joshua, what are you doing?

Mr. McKittrick, after very careful consideration, sir, I’ve come to the conclusion that your new defense system sucks.
Mr. McKittrick: I don’t have to take that, you pig-eyed sack a sh**!
Gen. Beringer: Oh, I was hoping for something a little better than that from you, a man of your education

OK, Wonder Woman? I can’t swim.

Once he makes the decision, the computer should take over.

Remember whe you told me to tell you when you were acting rude and insensitive? Well, you’re doing it now.

Replacement team is here, sir.

Screw the procedure! I want somebody on the goddamn phone before I kill twenty million people.

Screw the procedure.

shall we play a game?

Sir, we have a launch order.

Skybird, this is Dropkick with a Red-Alpha message in two parts. Break. Break.

strange game, the only winning move is not to play.

The only way to win is not to play the game

This corn is raw!

to win the game

Turn your key, sir.

We came about Joshua.

Well that’s a bunch of #$@!!!! (To the President) No sir, not you!

What is the primary goal?
To win the game.

What kind of an asshole lives on an island and doesn’t even own a boat?

What’s it doing?
It’s learning.

Who are you going to Paris with?

Why don’t I believe you?

You don’t care about death, because you’re already dead.

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