Movie Quotes from War of the Roses, The: Quotes from the movie War of the Roses, The

–Have you ever made angry love?
–Is there any other way?

–I was the one who found this house. I bought everything.
–With my money. It’s a lot easier to spend it than to make it, honeybun.
–You would never have made it if it weren’t for me, sweet cakes.

–There are other houses. There are other women.
–No, no, no, DeVito.

–You will never get that house…Do you understand? You will never get that house.
–We’ll see.

A civilized divorce is a contradiction in terms.

AD LINE: *Once in a lifetime comes a motion picture that makes you feel like falling in love all over again…… This is NOT that movie*

And you better get yourself a damn good lawyer!

Barbara: Have you ever made angry love?
Gavin: Is there any other way?

Because…when I watch you eat, when I see you asleep, whenever I look at you lately I just want to smash your face in.

I get paid $425 an hour to talk to people, and so when I offer to tell you something for nothing, I advise you to listen carefully.

I love wrong numbers

I thought about this a lot. I really don’t want to be married to you anymore.

I’m going to win because I’ve got her to accept the ground rules.

If love is blind, marriage is like having a stroke.

it depends what the patte is made of …….woof}

My father used to say that a man could never outdo a women when it comes to love or revenge.

No, no. I was scared because I was happy. I felt like this burden has been lifted off my shoulders.

No, Oliver, you don’t even want to deal with her. You avoid her. Women can be a lot meaner than we give them credit for. Never underestimate an adversary. Don’t even talk to her.

Oliver: You weren’t even multiorgasmic before you met me, were you?
Barbara: You really expect me to keep on reassuring you sexually even now when we disgust each other?

some days i wake up weeping}

The poor bastards didn’t have a chance.

Up until this point it was your typical divorce: A few broken plates, a pissed-on fish . . .

What’s 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?…A start.

When a couple starts keeping score…there isn’t any winning. There’s just degrees of losing.

When I watch you eat, when I see you asleep, when I look at you lately…I just want to smash your face in.

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